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Our Faculty

Award-winning research. Exceptional insight.

Clark’s School of Business professors are widely published, edit the top journals in their fields, and advise Wall Street firms, government agencies, and companies worldwide. Above all, they are enthusiastic, highly accessible, and eager to provide students with the tools to achieve their professional goals.

  • Abdullah Asilkalkan

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Abdullah Asilkalkan's research encompasses a range of areas including business analytics, healthcare analytics, as well as the applications of model-based clustering and hidden Markov models. His research in healthcare analytics centers around the utilization of AI and machine learning algorithms […]

  • Hamidreza (Hamid) Ahady Dolatsara is awarded his Ph.D. degree from Auburn University. He is a data scientist with research interests in health care analytics, finance, and transportation. Using data-driven studies, he employs and improves state-of-the-art, machine learning-based approaches to developing […]

  • Mary-Ellen Boyle

    Associate Professor, School of Business

    Associate Provost for Special Projects

    Research interests include organizational and social change, especially with regard to liberal education, corporate citizenship, university-community partnerships, and the arts. Resilience and collaboration are recent foci. […]

  • Ayan Ghosh Dastidar

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Ayan Ghosh Dastidar is a researcher in Quantitative Marketing Strategy with a focus on Digital & Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Healthcare, Place Marketing, and Social Implications of Marketing. His research uses quantitative methods such as Econometric Modeling and Machine Learning […]

  • John Dobson

    Professor of Practice, School of Business

    John’s mantra is to ‘help students make a living around their passion’.   He is the founder of the DYME institute, which uses problem-based learning approaches to help students develop their entrepreneurial skills.  Prior to joining academia, John was a successful entrepreneur.  He started […]

  • Alan Eisner

    Professor, School of Business

    Alan Eisner received his Ph.D. from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He has a B.S. in operations research and industrial engineering and a M.Eng. in engineering management, both from Cornell University. Eisner has published more than 30 […]

  • Fei Fang

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Dr. Fei Fang is an assistant professor of finance in the School of Management at Clark University. She received her Ph.D. in finance from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. Dr. Fang’s research interests lie in the areas […]

  • Jin Fang

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Jin Fang is a researcher in the field of Business Analytics, specializing in Social Network Analysis, Hotel Management, Facility Location Decisions, and Technology Planning. Her research focuses on employing social network analysis and topic modeling to facilitate decision-making in service […]

  • Yue Gao

    Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Business

    Yue Gao’s research focuses on the impacts of public policies and information technology on firms and people’s behavior. She employs applied econometrics and machine learning methods to analyze large-scale datasets to gain a better understanding of business and individual behavior […]

  • Donna Gallo

    Teaching Professor, School of Business

    Research interests include the impacts of regulation and deregulation on competition in the financial services industry. […]

  • David Jordan

    Part-time Instructor, School of Business

    Interim Dean, School of Business

  • Thomas Murphy

    Professor of Practice, School of Business

  • Steve Ng

    Associate Professor of Practice, School of Business

    Steve is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has 19 years of experience working in senior positions at Fidelity Investments, Putnam Investments, and MFS Investment Management.  He was an Analyst and Investment Consultant at these investment firms working closely with […]

  • Will O’Brien

    Professor of Practice, School of Business

    Will is an experienced global business executive, change agent, entrepreneur, consultant, educator and retired attorney. He is committed to developing current and future leaders to create shared value, reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Currently, his focus is on the […]

  • Sitikantha Parida

    Associate Professor, School of Business

    Research interests include empirical asset pricing, mutual funds, strategic trading, and financial regulations. […]

  • Jisoo Park

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Jisoo Park’s research focuses on facilitating organizational learning by examining the combined impact of various learning processes. Her work primarily explores the healthcare sector, where she believes that organizational learning can enhance patient care and promote the adoption of best […]

  • Inshik Seol

    Associate Professor, School of Business

    Inshik Seol's research interests include: judgment and decision making, corporate social responsibility, environmental accounting, management accounting, and accounting education. […]

  • Zhenyang Tang

    Associate Professor, School of Business

    Zhenyang (David) Tang's research interests include: insider trading, religion & finance, venture capital, and corporate social responsibility. […]

  • Vasilia Vasiliou

    Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Business

  • Ruixiang Wang

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Ruixiang Wang’s research covers innovation, corporate governance and executive compensation. He is also interested in understanding asset prices by modeling households’ consumption behavior. He has presented his research papers at prestigious academic conferences including those organized by the American Finance […]

  • Zhihong Wang

    Associate Professor, School of Business

    Research interests include: investigating the impact of corporate executives and corporate governance on financial accounting, auditing, and managerial practices. […]

  • Da Wu

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

    Da (Will) Wu's Research Interests include: Auditing, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Finance. […]

  • Atefeh Yazdanparast studies social psychology of consumer decision making. Her research focuses on sensory marketing and the interplay of consumers and digital technology. She studies how digital technology is changing, shaping, and challenging traditional consumer decision making. Her current research […]

  • Kyunghee Yoon

    Assistant Professor, School of Business

  • Jing Zhang

    Professor, School of Business

    Jing Zhang's Research Interests include: Information Systems and Sustainability,Smart Government and Smart City, Organizational impact of technology and innovation, and Interorganizational knowledge sharing and networking. […]

Theyab Alhwiti, PhD | 1-508-793-7688

Claudia Chilundo, PhD | 1-508-793-7143

Yue Gao, PhD | 1-508-421-3852

Abigail Torres Rico, PhD | 1-508-793-7770

Vasilia Vasiliou, PhD | 1-508-798-4330

Hong Zhou, PhD | 1-508-793-7115


Dennis Avola, MBA

Christopher Benestad, MA 

Dean Cascione, MSIT
Business Analytics

Paul Case, MBA

Patrick Daly, MBA

Chao Fang, MA

Mark Gefteas, MBA
Mark Gefteas is Vice President of Corporate Development at CJ affiliate, a fortune 500 Digital Marketing company. 

Tim Hally, MBA

Stacie Hargis, MA

Thomas Herald, MBA
A former Air Force officer, Thomas Herald has experience in leadership development, strategic planning, teambuilding, small business finance, sales and marketing.

Ifrad Islam, MS

David Jordan, M.P.A., D.H.A.
David Jordan is currently the Interim Dean for the School of Business. 

Steven Kennedy, JD

Michael Krikonis, MSIT
Information Technology

Hari Krishna, MBA

Beck Hing Lee, PhD
Operations Management

Michael Lynch, MBA, CPA
Accounting, Finance

John Mollica, PhD

Lawrence Norman, MBA
Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Miguelina Peralta-Bobrick
Supply Chain/Logistics

Robert Prior, EdD

Teresa Quinn, MEd

Jonathan Sales, JD, MBA

Diane Santoro, MSM
Human Resources/Talent Management

Peter Sheldrick, MBA, MS

Bill Sodeman, PhD
Information Systems & Management

Jennifer Targett, MBA
Accounting, Government

Christopher Thompson, DBA

Karen Torti, MBA
Professor Torti is the Principal Assistant for the Rhode Island Supreme Court Law Clerk Department.

Christopher Vaughan, MSc, PMP


Margarete Arndt, DBA
Research and Teaching:  History of hospital administration as an occupation, transfer of business practices into hospitals

Robert Bradbury, PhD
Research and Teaching: Hospital performance – quality improvement and reengineering, cost control, access

Dileep Dhavale, PhD
Research and Teaching: Use of financial information in management of manufacturing and service operations

Priscilla Elsass, PhD
Research  and Teaching: Leadership, management and behavioral Principles

Laura Graves, PhD
Research and Teaching: Work motivation, work-life integration, corporate environmental sustainability, managing diversity

Edward Ottensmeyer, PhD (Dean Emeritus)
Research and Teaching: Strategic management; ethics; aesthetics and business; global business

Stacie Hargis, MA

Tim Hally ’19, MBA ’20

Emilee Cocuzzo ’18, MBA ’19

David Jordan, M.P.A., D.H.A.

Lawrence Norman ’94, M.B.A. ’95

Teresa Quinn, M.Ed., M.S.

Max Feber
[Will be shared soon!]

Dan Mazei

Sabrina Webb, MBA
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