Clark Inspired:

A Strategic Framework for Our Future

We aim to be a relentless force for positive change in the world.

We seek to unleash human promise and potential, inspire curiosity and an eagerness to learn, develop passionate leaders, and help them succeed.

We will fulfill our vision and position Clark as a University of distinction by following a roadmap that inspires steady and persistent progress.

We call this roadmap
Clark Inspired.

Clark Inspired directs and prioritizes investment in our people, programs, and campus.

Clark Inspired is a living document without an end date. Adaptable to changing circumstances, it will serve as a dynamic guide for our community members’ decision-making and planning over the coming years. It contains goals, areas of focus in which to invest, and initiatives that will advance Clark’s transformation.


Although Clark Inspired is designed to evolve, our five overarching goals will remain constant. Operating as a compass, they will help us stay the course. They are grounded in Clark’s mission and values, encapsulated in our motto, “Challenge Convention. Change Our World.”

  1. Academic and Research Excellence
  2. Greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  3. Enhanced Campus Experience
  4. Impactful Outward Engagement
  5. Broader Institutional Capacity

Areas of Focus

To achieve our vision of Clark as a university of distinction, we have identified academic and foundational areas of focus that align with our five institutional goals.

Within and across all these critical areas, we have developed — and will continue to evaluate, update, and augment — initiatives that seize upon opportunities for Clark’s renewal and growth. Our initiatives will help us make progress toward meeting our five institutional goals.

Academic Areas of Focus

Foundational Areas of Focus

Refinement and Implementation

After 1½ years of engagement by the campus to develop Clark Inspired, we have our roadmap in place.

We now are working as a community to refine and move forward our initiatives, which will drive action and progress toward our goals.

Through the work of initiatives teams, made up of faculty and staff from across the University, we will continually review, update, and add to our ideas.

Initiative Spotlight

Our community has generated multiple initiatives to pursue and implement. Here are just a few examples.