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Wanted: Answers and Impact

As a research university, we have a responsibility to seek fundamental truths and develop solutions to society’s most pressing problems. The impact of our work can be felt from the streets of Worcester to the savannas of Africa and the Arctic tundra.

Math Professor Jackie Dresch is photographed in a lab on the campus of Clark University on January 27, 2016. Photo by Matthew Healey for Clark University

Teachers. Mentors. Pioneers.

Faculty Research

From Siberia to China to downtown Worcester, our faculty members follow their curiosity in many directions as they pursue their research. Their groundbreaking discoveries shape not only their respective fields, but also their lessons and lectures in the classroom.

Our Stories

Clark honors outstanding faculty

Professors lauded for commitment to teaching. research

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Climate change discussion heats up on campus

New Earth Conversation event a call to arms to reimagine our future

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Study highlights changes in Arctic’s food chain

Prof. Frey’s cover article highlights changes in Arctic’s food chain

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Study highlights changes in Arctic’s food chain

Prof. Frey’s cover article highlights changes in Arctic’s food chain

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Rohingya atrocities denounced at Clark panel

UN: A ‘textbook case of ethnic cleansing’

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ film inspires deep discussion

Panelists: Blockbuster problematic, yet groundbreaking

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Probing the complex economy of China

Prof. Zhang examines land-quota system

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Clark students receive Fulbright fellowships

Prestigious awards to fund postgraduate work

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Yesterday Clark, tomorrow the world

Shibbir Khan’s MSBA program opened doors to multinational companies.

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Into the woods with Olivia Barksdale

Senior aims for a career with federal wildlife service

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NOAA Fellows work to protect endangered species

Undergrads conduct research spanning Arctic to Gulf

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Steinbrecher Fellows share their research work

Undergrads return to campus, present work

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Hands-on. Minds-on.

Undergraduate Research

Clark undergraduates work side-by-side with faculty researchers as part of a process we call elbow teaching — collaborating closely to make essential scholarly contributions. How will you make a difference?

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Question Everything

Graduate Research

As part of Clark’s vibrant community of daring thinkers, you’ll collaborate with faculty experts and talented, insightful peers. Your research will become part of an essential body of knowledge that advances understanding and creates a positive impact.