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Shot of the front of the Jonas Clark Buildin

Building a Better Future Since 1887

Clark is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, but we consider the globe our neighborhood. While our students study many things, there’s one lesson they all learn: Those with the courage to challenge convention are the people who go on to change the world.

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Learn. Apply. Repeat.

Knowledge in Action

We’re utterly focused on (some might say obsessed with) putting knowledge into action. It’s how we solidify what we learn and make a difference in the lives of others every day. See for yourself how instructive, impactful, and exhilarating this process can be.

higgins building with path

Straight Talk

At a Glance

Check out the essential numbers that make up our school and community — from the student-to-teacher ratio to the number of countries our students call home. As you do, keep in mind: We’re more than the sum of our parts.

historical photo of Jonas Building
Past and Present

The Clark Story

An awful lot has happened since 1887, when Jonas Gilman Clark founded Clark University as the first all-graduate school in the United States. Here are some of the highlights.

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All Around You

Global Reach

At Clark, we don’t analyze from afar. Members of the Clark community can be found across the globe, experiencing life, gaining deeper understanding — and, ultimately, changing our world.

Shot of Worcester at night
Welcome to the Woo

Heart of New England

Diverse neighborhoods and strong industries. Art museums and music halls. Our home city is both a source of inspiration and our most important partner.

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Latest and Greatest

News Hub

Our community is in constant motion. Stay up to date with the latest projects, publications, and student experiences, and learn how our students, faculty members, and alumni are keeping the world on its toes.