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Clark University wants to help you and your family understand just how affordable a Clark education can be. On our website, you can find information about:

Money and calculator photoWhat might you pay?

Clark’s Office of Financial Assistance will work closely with you and your family to explore a range of funding options.

Use the College Board’s Net Price Calculator to give you a rough estimate of your eligibility for need-based assistance. The calculator provides an estimate only, and you may be eligible for more or less assistance than the results suggest.

Net Price Calculator

Please contact us to discuss your results.

Your application to Clark automatically puts you in the running for our merit scholarships. Read more about our Presidential LEEP Scholarship (for first-year students only) and other merit scholarships for both first-year and transfer students.

Find out about the process of applying for aid. Learn more about need-based aid, including grants, loans and work-study opportunities.

Clark recognizes that your family may need to explore additional financing options. Many families use a combination of payment plans and loan options to help pay the education costs that financial aid doesn’t cover.