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Clark University has transitioned to Handshake

The Clark University’s Career Centers are excited to announce our transition to Handshake, a modern career services platform designed to connect students and employers to each other, events, and opportunities. Read on for helpful resources for successfully using Handshake.


Handshake is your one-stop tool for posting positions, tracking applicants, and registering for career fairs and events.

Handshake is similar to Clark’s previous job portals, but more user-friendly. It offers a mobile version and recommends positions and events to you based on your interests, majors, and skills. You’ll also be able to set employer alerts and job notifications —all within your account. 

For On-Campus Employers

On-campus student employment will also be transitioning to Handshake, starting with positions for summer and fall 2019. Positions for spring 2019 should be posted in the existing job portals (Clark Recruiter and the graduate student job directory). Additional information for hiring managers will be available in January/February 2019.

For Faculty and Staff

Clark faculty and staff members can create a student account. This allows you to see what your students see, search for employers, jobs and internship that might be of interest to your students, and better assist students in your role as faculty advisor or professor of practice.

Handshake FAQs