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The World Awaits You

Study Abroad and Away

The office of Study Abroad and Away helps to connect undergraduate students with opportunities that align their academic and co-curricular interests with credit bearing experiences beyond the Worcester campus. Whether you are looking for Spanish immersion in Latin America or an internship in Europe, we will work with you to provide an educational opportunity beyond the Worcester campus in one of our 50+ programs approved around the globe.

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Study Abroad News and Updates

This workshop is for ALL students who are interested in studying abroad or away.  Your ideal timeline is to attend a session in your first or second year at Clark in order to study abroad in the junior or senior year.

Please join the study abroad & away office to learn all the basics of studying abroad or away at Clark, including application deadlines and process, financial aid and academics.

Students who study abroad or away are REQUIRED to attend at least one session (though are welcome to attend as many as they choose) and is highly recommended as a first step.

Fall 2022 Study Abroad & Away Info Sessions (all held from 1-2:30 in JC101):

  • September 8th
  • October 13th
  • November 10th
  • December 8th

Come to Drop-in Hours!  Held weekly during the semester on the 2nd floor of ASEC:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 12-2pm
  • Wednesdays, 1-3pm

We can help with…

  • Finalizing your program choice
  • Your Clark application
  • Your program application
  • Budget sheets and scholarships
  • Essays
  • Accountability presence while you work independently on your application!


  • September 1st: Gilman Scholarship Info Session (for any student who is pell-grant eligible)
  • September 13th: Application Assistance (Drop-in for help with your Spring, 2023 study abroad or away application!)
  • September 21st: Fall Study Abroad & Away Fair (Tilton Hall, 1-4pm)
  • September 27th: CGEE Programs (Southern Africa and Central America) info table in the UC and Info Session
  • October 4th: Fellowships and Scholarships for Study in East Asia info session
  • November 14th-18th: International Education Week

For full information and real-time updates to events, check out our social media pages:

September 15th, 2022: Deadline for Spring, 2023 Study Abroad; **all students should for Spring, 2023 should already have submitted an Interest Form and attended a Study Abroad 101 in order to be eligible to apply.

March 1, 2023: Deadline for Fall and Full Year, 2023 study abroad. Students should submit an interest form no later than December 1, 2022.

May 1st , 2023:  Deadline for SUMMER. All students who wish to receive credit from an abroad experience over the summer MUST submit pre-approval of transfer credit paperwork. No retroactive credit will be given.

Late applications are not accepted.

Students should attend a Study Abroad & Away 101 workshop for full information regarding study abroad. Remember to start your application as soon as possible at!

Come to Drop-in Hours for help with your application!   We can help with:

  • Finalizing your program choice
  • Your Clark application
  • Your program application
  • Budget sheets and scholarships
  • Essays
  • Accountability presence while you work independently on your application!
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Plan Your Experience

Planning is key to success. It’s never too early to begin planning your study abroad experience, researching potential courses or making a budget. Find out what resources are available to you and the steps you need to take.

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Find Programs

Ireland or Namibia? Internship or research? Discover our more than 50 programs across the world and make the right choice for your academic, professional and personal goals.

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Already completed the planning phase? You’ll find everything you need to apply here: deadlines, forms, and detailed application instructions.

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Study Abroad and Away Programs

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