M.S. in Professional Communication (M.S.P.C.)

The skill employers want most

Employers regularly rank an employee’s ability to communicate above all other skills.  Clark University's Master's Degree in Professional Communition, offered through the School of Professional Studies (SPS), will hone your ability to communicate effectively. By developing proficiency in written, oral, visual and new media communication, learning to manage teams and to work in groups, you will acquire the skills not just to promote your organization's messages, ideas and services, but to advance to a leadership position and transform an organization  Expertise in communication is essential to  build a successful career in marketing, human resources, public relations, advertising, consulting or any other chosen field.

Program coursework emphasizes systemic thinking that will help you develop practical managerial strategies and effectively market your organization’s products and services. Classes focus on ways to transform companies, communities and cultures through innovative management, effective communication and creative use of technology.