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Gain the skills you need to be a thought leader in today’s digital society.

Digital literacy means having the skills you need to live, learn, and thrive in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies — so many people’s lives are now defined by their devices. Expectations are different in the digital age as business culture has evolved, generating demand for interdisciplinary experts who straddle ethics, communications, business, and technology to guide the future development of the devices and websites in which we live out our digital lives.

Clark’s Certificate in Digital Literacy allows you to be uniquely poised as a thought leader in digital literacy and ethics within digital contexts, an area of expertise that is applicable across varied industries and sectors, and is growing in demand as digital channels dominate daily life. Enter forward-thinking organizations as a master digital ethicist, digital strategist, or other pivotal position. Shape business practices and outcomes that support a triple bottom line prioritizing people, profit, and the planet via a healthy digital society.

Advance your career, boost your earning potential, and become a more effective digital strategist. Our program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to meet challenges — and the confidence of knowing you have these essential tools at your disposal.

Why a Certificate in Digital Literacy at Clark University

  • Build key competencies in current digital marketing best practices, and identify how they enable organizations to conduct business in ethical or unethical ways.
  • Courses can be applied towards a master’s degree in communication, counting as a concentration in that degree.
  • Work in a highly collaborative learning environment with talented peers and scholar-practitioner faculty who share with you their deep leadership experience.
  • Amp up your skills at a globally ranked and accredited university that has set itself apart as a leader in skills-based education.
  • Pursue the digital literacy certification on your own terms with online or hybrid courses that fit your work and your life.
Sarah McMasters

Guiding students to become in-demand professionals shaping the digital experiences and technologies of today and tomorrow

With coursework covering the history of the internet to digital ethics and the social engineering behind common websites, this program challenges students to look deeper into important current issues like the role of social media, cyberbullying, on-line privacy, big data, and internet addiction.

With the ubiquity of digital devices and experiences, this credential is right on time. Employers need professionals able to navigate ethical issues and lead an organization through the evolving challenges in information and communication technologies.

The Essentials

Program Overview

Our certificate in digital literacy consists of four graduate level courses offered both online and in hybrid format. These courses are designed to provide competencies in key media information, literacy concepts, and other current topics in the digital landscape, as well as to identify the various and numerous real-world occurrences of each of the key elements of digital citizenship. Understand how digital communications technologies themselves can construct our reality. Each course is taught by a leading expert in the field.

With start dates in January, June, or September, we offer the flexibility you need.

  • History of the Information Society
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Ethics in the Digital World
  • Socio-Digital Engineering


  • 4 courses

Note: This is a graduate certificate program. A bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in the program.

Course Catalog

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