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william lynn

William S. Lynn

Research Scientist

The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone:  1-508-395-7764

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Current Research Interests

Bill is a research scientist in the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University, a research fellow at New Knowledge Organization, and the lead editor for the Political Animals section of Society & Animals.

An author and co-author of many academic and popular publications, Bill focuses on the ethics and politics of sustainability with an emphasis on animals and conservation. Schooled in ethics, geography, and political theory, Bill’s interdisciplinary approach examines why and how we ought to care for nature and society.

Sustainability is more than preserving a global elite’s lifestyle or ensuring humanity’s mere survival in an era of rampant environmental change. It is rather about sustaining the well being of people, animals, and nature across the planet into perpetuity. Sustainability needs, therefore, to be both scientifically and ethically sound. Its facts and values need to be transparent and accountable to society, while its goals must serve the good of the entire community of life. With this understanding in mind, Bill explores the moral norms of ecological and social sustainability.

Selected Publications

Lynn, William S., and Francisco J. Santiago-Avila, eds. 2021. Special Issue on Outdoor Cats. Society & Animals. Forthcoming.

Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J., and William S. Lynn. 2020. “Bridging Compassion and Justice in Conservation Ethics.” Biological Conservation, 248, 108648. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2020.108648

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