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Major in Creative Writing (B.A.)

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A way with words

From poetry to prose, fiction to nonfiction, script to screenplay, creative writing can challenge your imagination and serve as a repository for your reflections on the human experience.

As a student in the English Department’s creative writing major, you’ll learn to analyze effectively and to write persuasively in courses taught by faculty who are themselves published writers. Analysis of the work of great writers will provide you with ideas and inspiration, while interactive workshops will allow you to present your writing to classmates and receive valuable feedback.

There are several outlets for your creative writing. You can enter any of the English Department’s four annual writing contests; submit your work for publication in Clark’s student literary magazine; or publish your work on the Clark Student Voices blog.

Catalog Requirements for:

Why Study Creative Writing at Clark?

  • Professional writers will be your guides you as you as you explore literary works and apply what you learn to develop and refine your own writing.
  • Work one-on-one with faculty in the Creative Writing Capstone course to analyze and contextualize your own creative work.
  • Aspiring playwrights can submit their scripts to the Visual and Performing Arts Department’s biennial New Play Festival, which produces full-length plays written, directed, and performed by Clark undergrads.

The Creative Writing Path

Our program offers a range of courses, from foundational areas, such as Shakespeare, Romanticism, and global literature, to emergent fields, such as medical humanism, critical race theory, and sexuality studies. We advise English Department majors to take two historical surveys, one pre-1850 and one post-1850, early in their programs. A 100-level genre course is another good introductory class for students contemplating the major. The Creative Writing major and minor includes courses in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction taught by professional writers. These courses guide students to examine literary works as a writer to apply what they learn to their own writing. Interactive workshops, moreover, provide the feedback that helps students to develop and refine their work. Please contact Coordinator of Creative Writing, Phil Lemos, for more information.

Our program provides a number of scholarly opportunities, such as participation in Sigma Tau Delta (our national Honors Society), our Capstone in Creative Writing, and our Honors program. We also have connections to a number of internships, such as the London Internship Program, which offers positions in the fields of theater and journalism, in addition to internships with local newspapers and journals, as well as national organizations.

The department and faculty offices are located in beautiful Anderson House. Many English courses, department colloquia, and other events take place in this historic building. We invite you to read our blog and our newsletter, The English Times [PDF], to learn more.

Qualified students are eligible for election to Sigma Tau Delta, the National Honor Society in English.

The English Department has a special arrangement with the University of East Anglia in England, the Advanced Studies in English in Bath, England and the London Internship Program. For information, please consult with Professor Neuman, Chair, or Clark’s Study Abroad Programs.

Building your foundation

The Clark Experience

We structure our curriculum around Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), which connects classroom learning with action through world and workplace experiences.

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