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Study abroad programs are not one-size-fits-all.  There is a program for every type of learner. You may choose your program based on major, but also type of program, location or language. Fall or spring? Semester or summer? Homestay or dorm? You may also want to ask yourself: how far out of my comfort zone am I willing to go?  While there are many considerations,  explained below are a few places to begin thinking about your search.

In addition to academics or location, and it is important that you are considering factors such as the environment where you thrive, the type of housing you might want, how much support you need or independence you want.

Types of Study Abroad Programs

Study Centers are programs administered by a US-based third-party study abroad provider or foreign institution designed specifically for American study abroad students.
  • Study with cohort of American university students (20-40 students).
  • Set up for U.S. students abroad as a home base for academics, social activities and in some cases, accommodation.
  • Courses specifically designed for study abroad students, usually a more American style of teaching.
  • Usually offer specialized courses, built-in excursions, and community service options or internships.
  • Housing may be with other study abroad students, homestays or residence halls.
  •  Examples of these providers are CAPA, CET, CGEE, SFS or SIT.
Direct Enroll programs are administered on-site directly by a host University, designed to integrate Clark students into the institution and culture.
  • For the student looking for the most independent, immersive experience.
  • Provides opportunities for campus involvement such as clubs, sports and activities.
  • Usually dorm or apartment style living in single rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms with local or international students.
  • Grading and teaching style may differ.
  • Examples of Direct Enroll programs:  LSE, Stirling,  Sussex, SOAS University of London, UEA, and the University of Tasmania (U Tas).
Hybrid Programs: Most study centers also have a relationship with a host university or several host institutions, where students may be able to directly enroll in university courses, language courses or take “courses for foreigners.”
  • Degree of immersion the spectrum of services may vary.
  • Courses may be taught by international faculty at a study center, at the local University OR a combination of both.
  • Combination of teaching styles and grading systems.
  • Internships, service learning, or on campus involvement may all be possible.
  • Example of these types of programs are AIFS Stellenbosch, API Grenoble or CIEE Seville.

Study Abroad Portal - New!

Start an application

For a full list of available programs and to start an application, please visit Clark’s new Study Abroad and Global Engagement portal.


  1. Click on the red “Explore all Program Options” button on the bottom of the page
  2. Although you may search by keyword (location, major, etc.) or using the map function, we recommend using the red “List All” or “Advanced Search” bars at the top.
  3. The “Advanced Search” will allow you to search for programs based on program type, city, country, region or term.
  4. If you would like to apply for a program, you must first start an applicant profile.  You will need to login to the portal with your Clark U ID and password.
  5. After you complete your applicant profile, study abroad staff will assist you in moving forward.  You will not be able to apply to a program until you have completed this first step.
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