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young teacher working with k-12 student

Through Problems of Practice courses, you’ll take learning out of the classroom and into the wider world — where you can make an immediate difference.

Problems of Practice (POP) courses are internship-like experiences that take place within an academic context. You’ll work on a faculty-led team to investigate complex questions, problems, or challenges that have significance beyond the borders of Clark’s campus. Many POP courses enable students to work side by side with faculty, graduate students, alumni, and experts at local and global organizations — from theatre groups, historical societies, and media outlets to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and NGOs.

POP courses are integrated with our curriculum, giving you the chance to use what you learn at Clark to make a meaningful contribution to the project at hand. You’ll further support your efforts by exploring relevant literature, engaging with existing research, reflecting on your experiences, and sharing your insights. As you do, you’ll build specialized knowledge, marketable skills, and a network of professional contacts that will benefit you long into the future.