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IRB Application Procedures

By Federal regulations (45 CFR 46) and Clark University policy, all human subjects research by Clark faculty, research personnel, students and staff must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board for Research Involving Human Subjects (IRB).

IRB approval (or a formal indication that research is exempt) must be obtained before research activities may begin.  To obtain approval or exemption, an application with the IRB must be filed.  The IRB conducts different levels of review, depending on the type of research activities and subjects that are involved.  Expedited reviews may be conducted for certain types of minimal risk research, as permitted by federal guidelines (45 CFR part 46). Other reviews must be conducted by the convened IRB at a regular meeting.  The IRB will determine what type of review is applicable to each submitted protocol.

If you wish to alter your research methods for an already-approved protocol, you must submit an amendment request to the IRB.  These requests will be subject to either expedited or full-board review.

Some types of work with human subjects may not be considered “research” according to federal guidelines and may not require IRB review.  If you have questions regarding whether your research requires review, please contact  If in doubt, please assume the IRB review is required.

The Anonymous Survey Application can only be used for anonymous surveys. Data are anonymous if no one, including the researcher, can connect the data to the individual who provided it. All other research types require the standard IRB Proposal Application.

All IRB applications and amendment requests must be submitted through the Mentor IRB website.  This website provides instructions and forms for all types of IRB applications and requests.

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