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Welcome to the Budget Office

Managed by the chief university budget officer, the Budget Office develops and manages the University’s operating and capital budgets; assists faculty and staff in monitoring their budgets; provides assistance and support for budget-related matters; and educates and guides constituents regarding all aspects of the budgetary process.


There are two methods available to view your budget reports online:

  • Self-Service Finance, viewed through the CUWeb portal, is the easiest and fastest way to view online budget reports. To access CUWeb, go to Using your Clark username and password, you can log on and navigate to Finance and Budgets.
  • Access via Banner, Clark’s main administrative system: Using your Banner username and password, log on to

Both methods of viewing budgets require that you have an active Banner account. If you do not currently have a Banner account but would like to access your budgets online, complete the PDF Form and send it to Becky Frieden in ITS.

Instructions for Viewing Budgets in CUWeb

Access to Self-Service Finance through CUWeb is controlled in the same manner as Banner finance access, using a combination of FUND and ORGN security.

Budget queries in CUWeb begin in the Budget Query section of Finance and Budgets. The three type of Budget Status queries include:

  • Account
  • Organizational Hierarchy
  • Budget Quick Query

You can also choose a previously saved query by using the Retrieve Existing Query drop-down menu. Budget Status by Account is often the best choice for both summary and detail data.


  • When you click the Create Query or Retrieve Query button, you have the opportunity to choose the columns of data you would like to see in your report. It is recommended that you choose a minimum of Accounted Budget, Year to Date and Available Balance. You can add other columns if you like.
  • After hitting the Continue button, you have the opportunity to refine your query by Fiscal Year, Fiscal Period (14 for all periods), and Org or Grant number. You must enter either an Org or a Grant number in this section, but do not have to limit it by fund. A blank fund box will return all funds. You also have the opportunity to compare against previous Fiscal Years. If you choose to do so, you must also enter the Comparison Fiscal Period (and it must be the same period as Fiscal Period). You may choose to include or exclude revenue accounts by checking or unchecking the Include Revenue box.
  • When you hit the Submit Query button, you will now see the Organization Budget Status Report. Only 15 rows appear at a time, so to view more rows, you must click the Next 15 box at the bottom of the report. You many also download this information to Excel by clicking the Download All Columns, Download Selected Columns, or Retrieve and Report All Ledger Detail by Orgn buttons. Download All will give you all the columns from step A. Download Selected will only extract the few that you have chosen (likely to be Accounted Budget, Year to Date and Available Balance for most people), and Retrieve and Report All will extract all your funds into one excel sheet, including subtotals. Excel will open in a popup window, so popup blockers for this page must be turned off. NOTE: once excel opens, do not close it – use the Back button or you will be logged out of CUWeb.
  • To see more detail on any given account, simply click the link in that row under the column you desire to see information for (most likely Year to Date), and you will be taken to all the transactions for that particular account via the Organization Budget Status Detail Report.
  • You can view the details for any given Document Code by clicking on the blue link in the Document Code column. In the Detail Transaction Report, click the Document Code again and you will see the actual invoice or journal voucher information.
  • On several pages in Self-Serve Finance, you have the opportunity to Save Query As. By putting a name in that box and clicking the button, you will be able to save queries that you use all the time. You may also share your query with others by checking the Shared box. However, note that once shared, your query name will appear for everyone using CUWeb. It is recommended that you choose a query name wisely so that you are able to easily retrieve it each time. Although others will be able to see your query name, they will not be able to run your query unless they have security privileges to that fund/org combination.
  • When you are finished viewing budget information in CUWeb, make certain to exit or close your browser to protect your data.

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