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‘Everyone at Clark is passionate about at least one thing, and it’s never usually the same thing.’

So says Katie Healey ’24—and she’s on to something. Meet Katie and nine of her peers from the Class of ’24 as they prepare to walk across the stage at Commencement and then continue moving onward to pursue their many passions in the world.

Emily Abney ’24

Major in Art History

Pablo Acosta ’24

Major in Interactive Media

Peter Angotti ’24

Major in History, Army ROTC

Everett Beals ’24

Major in Environmental Science, Minor in Creative Writing

Nina Carlson ’24

Major in Computer Science

Dawn Chinagorom-Abiakalam ’24

Major in Math and Economics

Ronnie Cushnie ’24

Major in Physics

Amanda Dye ’24

Major in Global Environmental Studies

Katie Healey ’24

Major in Psychology

Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui ’24

Major in Screen Studies