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Every business or organization, whether it’s a local food pantry or a Fortune 500 company, needs to identify a customer base and keep that base informed about the goods and services it provides. Enter marketers, who apply their research, communication, and storytelling skills by connecting buyers, sellers, providers, and clients via multiple media channels.

Marketing professionals bring their expertise to a wide range of organizational functions, from website and social media presence and online reputation management to market research that informs strategic decisions about programs, policies, and products. Marketers must use their skills to recruit not only customers, clients, students, and patients, but also new employees, donors, and volunteers. They must be effective team members and leaders, adept at managing ideas, people, and resources. As a marketing major pursuing a B.A. from Clark, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare yourself for work in all these areas.

Why Study Marketing at Clark?

  • Join a community of students and scholars in Clark’s School of Management, which has been named by Princeton Review as one of the best business schools in America and is among the fewer than 5 percent of the world’s business schools to receive AACSB accreditation.
  • Gain a solid foundation in “hard” and “soft” business skills, from accounting and finance to organizational behavior and communications.
  • Learn from distinguished faculty who have extensive experience, including serving as marketing consultants to brands like Gillette, L.L. Bean, and Godiva; as social entrepreneurs; and as advocates for sustainable business practices.
  • Connect classroom learning with community businesses and organizations through hands-on projects that let you make a real impact on important initiatives.
  • Master skills related to advertising, communications, consumer behavior, public relations, and marketing strategy and research — proficiencies useful in any field or career.

The Marketing Path

As a marketing major, you’ll become well-versed in advertising, communications, consumer behavior, public relations, and marketing strategy and research — skills useful in any field or career. You’ll be introduced to the principles and practices of marketing and communications, and have an opportunity to explore branding, product management, buyer behavior, and market research in advanced elective coursework.

You’ll master related knowledge and skills, with the opportunity to become an imaginative and creative marketing expert or researcher in the industry, nonprofit, or public sector. Through hands-on projects that require strong, professional writing and dynamic presentations, you’ll build skills that are coveted by organizations around the world.

Like all undergraduate programs in the School of Management, the marketing major includes a core of seven business courses that expose you to all functional areas of business, including accounting, economics, management communications, information systems, and more, while you also learn the critical thinking and communication skills that are essential in a liberal arts environment and vital to the success of today’s marketing professionals.

The marketing major requires 12 units of courses, including seven core business courses, three required marketing courses, one elective marketing course, and a capstone course, three marketing required courses, and one elective marketing course.

Qualified students can join the Clark chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the international business honor society. Since 1913, Beta Gamma Sigma has recognized and honored top performing students from around the world in AACSB-accredited business schools.

All undergraduates in the School of Management develop a toolkit of essential skills crucial to any field of study or career: effective written and oral communication, an understanding of team dynamics, knowledge of business ethics, and solid critical thinking.

In addition, the marketing major will teach you to:

  • Evaluate major approaches to digital marketing, including search engine optimization, search and display ads, mobile marketing, social media, and online listening/monitoring,
  • Gauge marketing campaign effectiveness using key performance indicators and other qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Understand how marketing concepts and tools can help any organization be more successful
  • Analyze marketing problems and develop innovative solutions to complex management challenges
  • Develop marketing and brand management strategies to position companies and products for target consumer segments
  • Leverage crucial communication and managerial skills

Building your foundation

The Clark Experience

We structure our curriculum around Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), which connects classroom learning with action through world and workplace experiences.

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