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Students presenting posters in academic hall

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ClarkFEST, formerly known as Fall Fest and Academic Spree Day, highlights the academic and research excellence of Clark’s talented undergraduate students through work conducted under the mentorship of the University’s faculty and staff. Twice a year, students share their research, academic achievements, and creative works through posters, presentations, and interactive exhibits.

ClarkFEST Spring 2024 will be held on Wednesday, April 24, from 1:30–4:30 p.m. Registration is open until March 31.

Student posters will be held in Tilton Hall. Interactive Media exhibits will be located at the Center for Media Arts, Computing, and Design. Oral presentations will take place in ASEC.


Registration for ClarkFEST Spring 2024 is now open! All submissions must be received by March 31.

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Registration is restricted to current Clark undergraduate students only.

However, we welcome all Clark community members, parents, friends, prospective students, alumni, partners, and employers to attend, view these works, and participate in intellectual exchanges with our students.

Examples of Past Student Work

Tree branch with buds

Mapping Tree Cover Change in Worcester in the Context of Land Ownership: The Case for an Improved Tree Retention Ordinance

Valeria Chavez ’21
Funding: HERO Program
Academic Program: Geography
Sponsor: Professor John Rogan

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Worcester Art Museum

Relating Art and the Community: A Summer at the Worcester Art Museum

Sky Deitch ’23
Funding: ClarkCONNECT Summer Internship Award
Academic Program: Media, Culture, and the Arts
Sponsor: Michelle Flint, Career Connections Center

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Handprint with paint

Understanding Black Experiences and Access Barriers in Expressive Arts Activities and Therapies

Jadea (Jaey) Harris ’21
Funding: Steinbrecher Fellowship
Academic Program: Psychology
Sponsor: Professor Ana Marcelo

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Worcester WRTA Bus

Taking on the “T”: Transforming Worcester Transit

Garren Kalter ’21
Academic Program: Economics
Sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray

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MA State building

Interning with Massachusetts State Rep. David LeBoeuf

Sam Segal ’21
Funding: ClarkCONNECT Summer Internship Award
Academic Program: Political Science
Sponsor: David Brenerman ’73, president, Brenerman Public Policy Consulting

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Nucleus of a cell

Biochemical Examination of HECTW1, an Enzyme Implication in Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Cancer Development

Victoria White ’21
Academic Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sponsor: Professor Donald Spratt

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SURJ cover (hand-drawn flowers)

Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ)

Submit Your Research to Clark’s Student Journal

Want to take the next step? Submit your research article to the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal. The editorial board of Clark’s undergraduate interdisciplinary research journal uses the peer-review process to consider articles for publication.