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Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Why Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Clark University?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are the foundation of change. To initiate change, one must embrace their strengths and skills and align with a community’s need. Through this process, a product or service is brought to market, which will inspire change and help spur growth of self and others.

Students who choose a Clark University E&I minor are assisted with relevant courses to implement their desired change. The E&I courses are designed to help a student to identify problems, ideate solutions to those problems, and implement the best solution to bring about the desired change. Whether your interest is business ownership or social change, Clark University’s E&I minor complements any major to help you gain the full benefit of your educational experience and future goals.

At Clark University, we believe all students should control their aspirational destiny. Complementing your chosen major with an E&I minor will help you in your entrepreneurial journey to make a difference in the world. Whether you study physics, international relations, psychology, or art, adding an E&I minor will develop your skills to identify problems, ideate solutions to these problems, and implement your design. We help you step outside the box.

Minimum number of courses to complete this minor: 6


Forbes Magazine Recognition

Clark University is a good place to learn how to bring your innovative or entrepreneurial idea to life — Forbes magazine ranked us #16 on its list of the Most Entrepreneurial Universities.

School of Management Program Alignment

Clark University’s Entrepreneurship and innovation minor is offered through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, which is part of the AACSB-accredited the School of Management (SOM). Through this alignment with SOM, E&I students gain insight in business and project management through management electives that count toward an E&I minor, thus, elevating a student’s knowledge. Additionally, the innovation and entrepreneurship minor is an excellent complement to any major, adding the entrepreneurial mindset to your field of study allowing you the extra ability to facilitate change.

Experiential Learning

All courses offered in the E&I minor are designed to be experiential. If you already have an innovative or entrepreneurial idea in mind, the courses build upon each other to propel your idea into a functioning reality. Additionally, the E&I program offers product and service testing venues,   internships, study abroad, and research.


A foundation in entrepreneurship and innovation is an asset to those seeking careers that inspire change.