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DEADLINE:  Mathematics Placement Test due June 30, 2020.

The Mathematics Placement Test is an independent assessment of a student’s quantitative ability. Analytical, computational, and technological skills have become increasingly important in many disciplines and professional careers. We encourage students to improve and further develop those skills, independent of their intended majors, by taking courses in mathematics and computer science starting in their first year in college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student who wishes to obtain an independent assessment of their quantitative ability should complete the mathematics placement process. This test is used as a prerequisite to several courses.

Students who are ready to register for an introductory course in mathematics (MATH 119, MATH 120, or MATH 124) should take the test; successful completion of the placement test is a prerequisite for registration for those courses.

The only students who are allowed to enroll in introductory mathematics courses without taking the placement test are those who already have AP credit for calculus.

Students with advanced placement who feel they are prepared to start their math sequence beyond calculus I and II should consult with the Mathematics Department.

Students who place into calculus, or have AP credit for calculus, have the necessary quantitative background to excel in computational science and information technology, which have become important parts of many disciplines. Those students are strongly encouraged to enroll in CSCI 120 (Introduction to Computing) to develop their computational skills.

Students who plan to major in Psychology should take this test. General Psychology (PSYC 101) and a score of 50% (or better) on the math placement test (Part I only) are required to register for Statistics (PSYC 105).

Students can take the online Mathematics Placement Test anytime, but it is strongly recommended that first-year students take it by June 30 and before registering for classes. The placement test and additional information about it are below.

  1. Go to the Math Placement Course in Moodle and log in with your username and password.
  2. When you are ready to begin, under “Administration” on the left side of the page click “Enroll me in this course.
  3. On the left, under “Activities,” click on “Quizzes.” Both parts of the test can be found there.

Depending on the achieved score, students who pass the placement test will be able to register for one of the following courses:

MATH 119 — offered each semester
MATH 120 — offered only in the fall
MATH 124 — offered only in the fall
PSYC 105 — offered each semester (PSYC 101 is also a prerequisite)

Students who are not satisfied with their placement may repeat the test once.

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