Care Team

The Care Team is focused on creating sustainable systems of support that are accessible, inclusive, and equitable so students can thrive as they work toward reaching their full potential.

Care Report Form 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to complete a Care Report form when they have concerns regarding a student’s behavior, wellness, class attendance, or academic performance. Do not use this form for emergencies. For cases of safety and security, contact University Police at 1-508-793-7575.

Caring for our students is at the heart of our systems and policies. We support all students at Clark, and our Care Team can provide you with information about student records, emergency loans, leaves of absence, withdrawals, or matters concerning your University status.

Emergency Funding

We understand that unexpected financial emergencies arise. Our goal is to assist when possible, to address these financial concerns to prevent any further disruption to a student’s personal and academic success.

Currently enrolled and active Clark students are eligible to apply for limited emergency funding through the Division of Student Success for up to $500 per semester to assist with unforeseen, significant, and temporary emergency expenses related to specific areas.


Swipe Out Hunger is the leading national nonprofit committed to ending college student hunger. They work with colleges and universities, including Clark, to implement a range of anti-hunger programs across our 135+ campus network in 40 states.


Did you know that Goddard Library has free resources for books? They do — over 250,000 full text ebooks.

Absences and Leaves

Occasionally, students may miss classes for a short or long period of time. Learn more about absences and leaves.

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