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Wellness Education at Clark University

The driving vision of Wellness Education at Clark University is to create a campus culture of equitable wellness, resilience, and adaptability.

The services and programming offered by Wellness Education aim to increase students’ education, skills, supports, and practices needed to build a holistically healthy lifestyle.  On a broader campus level, Wellness Education also prioritizes working with other campus partners to center student well-being and foster connection, collaboration, and community. If you would like to learn more or collaborate on an wellness initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out to

And be sure to join our community on Instagram @clarku_wellness for more information, resources, and current Wellness Education events and challenges!

Weekly Wellness Staples

True self-care is the building a life you don’t have to escape from. It is the intentional creation of daily habits and practices that take care of your holistic self to keep you healthy and well. To encourage that habitual and regular self-care practice, we have Weekly Wellness Staples. Check them out below!

You’ll also get free swag for taking care of yourself!

  • When you come to your first staple event, you’ll get a drawstring bag!
  • When you come to your third staple event, you’ll get a water bottle!
  • When you come to your fifth staple event, you’ll get an exercise/yoga mat!

Start your week off right by heading to this class from 10:00am – 10:30am. We start slow as we ease out of the weekend and we finish class stretched and energized and ready to tackle the week ahead! Bring an exercise/yoga mat or towel. All bodies and exercise levels are welcome. Class takes place in the Bickman Multipurpose Room inside the gym.

Come be a part of the walking group! If you struggle with the motivation to get yourself outdoors or exercising solo, join us every Wednesday to walk a mile loop around campus with a group! All bodies and walking paces are welcome. We meet at 1:30pm at the corner of Main Street and Woodland Street, right near Annie’s. Come take advantage of getting outdoors, moving your body, and getting social!

Meditation has been shown to have an incredible range of physical and mental health benefits including improving sleep, reducing physical pain, decreasing blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and attention span, and increasing self-awareness, just to name a few. Come every Thursday from 1:00-1:30pm in the Bickman Multipurpose Room to see why this ancient practice is gaining so much popularity.  You’ll be led through a guided practice that will start with a mindfulness practice to breathe, ground, and center us, a focused meditation practice, and end with a moment of stillness and quiet just for you. Bring a blanket, towel, yoga mat, etc. if you would like for your comfort.

Wellness Wheel

Our Wellness Wheel provides a visual representation of the different dimensions that are encompassed in holistic health and well-being.

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Wellness Ambassadors

The Wellness Ambassadors are a passionate and skilled group of peer educators that work towards promoting health, prevention, and well-being for the Clark Community.

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