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ClarkCONNECT for Students

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The ClarkCONNECT Network

When it comes to exploring jobs and internships, you are not alone.

ClarkCONNECT is an easy-to-use platform that connects Clark students, alumni, faculty, and families in a virtual community. From these connections, you can find a mentor, apply to jobs, internships, and ClarkCONNECT projects, explore research collaborations, learn about an industry, and get advice from professionals in the field.

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4 Ways to Use ClarkCONNECT

4 Ways to Use ClarkCONNECT

How can students use ClarkCONNECT? In this video, learn more about the four key opportunities available and how you can find an internship, project, alumni job shadow, or mentor.


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Resources to Help You Explore ClarkCONNECT

ClarkCONNECT is a virtual community of people who have a relationship to Clark University. It’s designed exclusively for Clark students and alumni. You can use ClarkCONNECT to find a mentor, seek advice and guidance from alumni, and apply for opportunities posted by alumni.

Handshake is a career platform that gives you easy access to campus career events as well as thousands of jobs and internships posted by employers.

Watch video: How to Find and Connect With Alumni on ClarkCONNECT

Find alumni from all over the world who work in organizations and jobs that interest you or have skill sets that you want to learn more about. Connect to ask a question, request mentorship, or seek advice and guidance.

Search by filters

Click “Connect” on the top bar and narrow your search with filters like major, industry, organization, or location. You also can search with the “Help Topic” filter to find alumni who can support your specific needs, such as critiquing your resume or choosing a graduate school, or who share a similar experience as a first-generation or international student.

Send a message

When you’re ready to connect, click on a profile and send a quick message to introduce yourself and your interests. Ask your question, or ask to schedule a time to connect via phone — or in person, if possible — to learn more about their experience. We recommend you write a personal message rather than using a template. Sample messages for different requests are below.

Watch video: How to Find and Connect With Alumni on ClarkCONNECT

Want to start making a professional connection with alumni, but not sure where to start? Here are a few sample messages to help guide you.

Graduate School

“Hi Alumni,

My name is Student and I am a junior at Clark, double majoring in Spanish and psychology. I am interested in pursuing graduate school after Clark and noticed that you recently finished your Ph.D. in psychology. I’d like to learn more about the psychology program at X University and hear about your path from Clark, to graduate school, to career. Could we schedule a time to speak, at your earliest convenience?

I look forward to connecting!



Career Exploration

“Hi Alumni,

My name is Student and I’m a Media, Culture, and the Arts major at Clark University. I want to work in journalism after graduation; I saw you interned at X Organization during your time at Clark and I’m wondering if you could tell me more about your experience there. I’m interested in learning more about the journalism field and would love to hear about your work at Y Company. Is there a time that we could schedule a phone call? I appreciate any insight you’re able to share.

Thank you,


Informational interview

“Hi Alumni,

My name is Student and I’m a sophomore at Clark. I am majoring in business, but think I might want to pursue a career in policy reform. Since you majored in business and now work at a think tank, I’d like to hear about your unconventional path from Clark to policy research. How did your business degree help prepare you to work in this field? Can we schedule a time to talk more about your academic and professional experiences?

Looking forward to talking soon,


Here’s a guide to the do’s and don’ts of connecting with alumni.

Download Guide

You can use ClarkCONNECT to find jobs, internships, and short-term projects shared by alumni. Click on “Opportunities” to see what is currently posted and for application instructions. You also can reach out to the person who posted the position to learn more and make a connection. To learn more about finding and applying to a project, check out the ClarkCONNECT Internships and Projects page.

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For support navigating and exploring ClarkCONNECT, view instructions on how to book an appointment with your career adviser.

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