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Clark University students smiling outside Jonas Clark Hall

Important Dates

June 1
The Summer Advising & Registration Tutorial becomes available. Log in to MOODLE, Clark's course management system, for this tutorial.

Prior to July 12
Complete the Summer Advising & Registration Tutorial and Schedule an advising appointment with your Summer Adviser (in MOODLE.)

Prior to July 1
Fill out the Faculty Adviser Information Form

July 13 – July 31
Your advising appointment will be by phone or via Web chat between July 13 and July 31.


As you plan for your first semester, Clark advisers will help you along the way. Clark has three phases of academic advising: Phase one starts this summer when you will be assigned a Summer Adviser. Once the fall semester starts (phase two), you will meet your Pre-Major Adviser, with whom you will work for the next few semesters until you declare your major. At the start of the third phase you will be assigned to a Major Adviser.

  1. Phase 1: Summer Advisers
    Summer Advisers are faculty and advising fellows specially trained to help you choose your first-semester courses and plan your academic program. The advising fellows are recent Clark master's degree graduates who also completed their undergraduate degrees at Clark.
    • You'll find out the name of your Summer Adviser after completing the online Summer Advising & Registration Tutorial, at which time you will be prompted to schedule an advising appointment.
    • This advising appointment will consist of a phone call or Web chat between July 13 and July 31. You'll also be able to contact your Summer Adviser by email.
    • In preparation for these advising conversations, it is important that you complete the Academic Adviser Information Form. Your summer adviser will also be able to review your high school transcripts, application essays, and other admissions materials in order to help you make course selections and plan for the future.
  2. Phase 2: Pre-Major Advisers
    Once you are on campus, the professor in your First-Year Intensive course will become your Pre-Major Adviser. This adviser will counsel you on your academic choices at Clark, and will work with you until you declare a major during your sophomore year.
    • If you are uncertain about which major you should select — and don't worry, approximately a quarter of the incoming class is undecided when they enter Clark — your Pre-Major Adviser will help you make that decision over the next few semesters.
    • If you already know your future major, you do NOT need to pick a First-Year Intensive course based only on your intended area of academic study. All First-Year Intensive faculty are trained as Pre-Major Advisers and can assist you with academic program planning. If necessary, your adviser will refer you to departmental experts for assistance in preparing for your intended major.
    • You will also meet your Peer Adviser—an experienced undergraduate who will help you, during Week One and beyond, with your transition to the academic and social aspects of college life.
  3. Phase 3: Major Adviser
    You will be assigned to a Major Adviser when you declare a major, which will occur after your first semester and before the end of your sophomore year. For additional information about selecting and declaring a major, see the Blue Book: Academic Advising Handbook (available after the first week of June).