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In accordance with policies and procedures established by Clark University, all projects involving human subjects must undergo substantive review to ensure that appropriate safeguards are being followed. Continuing Review forms must be filled out by investigator(s) of some types of projects to confirm that research was conducted as approved by the Institutional Review Board/Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research and Training Programs (IRB).

Your IRB approval letter will indicate whether annual continuing reviews are required.

If continuing review is required for your project, you must submit a Continuing Review form using the Mentor IRB website at least 45 days prior to the approval expiration date. If a Continuing Review form to extend an approval for ongoing research is not received by the expiration date, the approval will expire. For projects that expire during June, July or August, the approval request must be received no later than the deadline for the IRB’s final meeting of the academic year (typically in May).

Although you will receive an automated reminder in advance of the due date, it is your responsibility to ensure that a continuing review form is submitted before the deadline (if required for your project).

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