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Data are anonymous if no one, including the researcher, can connect the data to the individual who provided it.

If the survey is anonymous, it is eligible for expedited review. Expedited reviews are conducted on a rolling basis; you do not need to wait for a regular IRB meeting date. Anonymous survey submissions must include: an application and copy of the survey instrument. All forms and instructions for these applications are found on the Mentor IRB website.

As part of your application you will be asked how your instrument will be administered. If the survey will be conducted electronically, Clark’s web-based survey software, Qualtrics, must be used.  (It is acceptable to use non-Qualtrics software for anonymous surveys, in general.  However, those surveys are not eligible for the abbreviated anonymous survey application.)  If your methodology requires functionality that is not available in Qualtrics, ITS Staff may assist in evaluating the availability of the feature and alternative survey solutions. When collecting web data there are unique challenges to ensuring respondent anonymity; ITS staff will help ensure Qualtrics is configured in accordance with IRB standard protocol. To determine if Qualtrics will support your research methodology, visit the Survey Support section of the ITS web site.


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