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Awards and Recognition

Celebrating Student Volunteers

During the pandemic-laden 2020-2021 academic year, Clark student volunteers had to get creative in finding ways to help out the Worcester community. Using COVID-safe practices, students worked with children in the Worcester schools. We celebrate these Clarkies’ service!

Collegiate Success Institute

Clark students worked with high school seniors at Worcester’s Claremont Academy to help them complete college applications.

Emily Dorsey

Emily Dorsey

“I know how challenging and isolating the college application process can be during normal circumstances. With the experiences I had applying to college, I felt that those challenges would only be heightened due to Covid-19 and the complete isolation we are all facing, and this pushed me to want to help students at Claremont as a friendly face to be there for them.”

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O’Brien

“I’m from Manchester, New Hampshire, and I went to Trinity High School. I’m studying to become a teacher and hope to stay in the Worcester public school system after graduation. I’m interested in this work because the college application process can be so daunting and inaccessible to so many. As someone who has gone through the process and knows how difficult it can be, I know how feeling supported can make it less overwhelming.”

Ravi Rao

Ravi Rao

“I wanted to help students and give my experience in college that I have had so far,” Rao says.

He was familiar with, and comfortable mentoring this age group too; in addition to previously volunteering with CSI, he had logged numerous hours volunteering in the Worcester schools.

Olivia Shull

Olivia Shull

“I know that online school can be challenging and not having a physical school environment can make it more difficult to focus and stay motivated. I think the idea of college is really intimidating to many high school students, especially to those who do not have family or friends who can provide that information. I think that CSI helped show that college does not have to be scary and really intense all of the time.”

Matthew Thomas Young

Matthew Thomas Young

“Being a first-generation college student, I remember how difficult it was to break into the college application process. Without the encouragement of my teachers at Oceanside High School in Rockland, Maine, I would never have found my footing. Remembering the support I received, I chose to participate in the CSI mentor program because I wanted to help students demystify the college application, this task that seems daunting but–with the right help–can be made uncomplicated. Our work is so important because the challenges of education have been amplified by the pandemic. Most students have lost access to support, and through the CSI program, they can find specified help in pursuing a post-secondary institution.”

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