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We understand that selecting the graduate school and program that are right for you can be challenging, and our dedicated team is here to assist you, every step of the way.

Meet Our Admissions Team

Alyssa Orlando

Dr. Alyssa Orlando

Director, Graduate Admission

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Originally from Buffalo, NY, I studied journalism and legal studies at Ithaca College as an undergraduate student. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I moved to Massachusetts to pursue my master’s in higher education administration at Boston College. Since completing my master’s degree and before coming to Clark, I worked at several New England universities supporting students from all backgrounds interested in pursuing their graduate degrees. I recently completed my Ph.D. in educational leadership from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. At Clark, my focus is on leading our admission team through the entire applicant lifecycle and supporting our incoming students through their onboarding process. When I am not at work or studying, you can find me hanging out with my husband, 1-year old son, and beagle!

Andrea Van Wormer Headshot

Andrea VanWormer

Associate Director, Graduate Enrollment Operations

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Born in Rhode Island and now residing in Connecticut, I have a full house of animals as I foster cats and my dog Nala.  I also enjoy true crime podcasts from my time as a criminal justice major and love reading books about the paranormal. When not working I can be found back in RI with family, reading a book or looking for a new coffee spot.

Britt Axelson

Britt Axelson

Assistant Director, Graduate Admission

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I was born in Worcester and grew up in the nearby town of Holden. All my education has taken place right here in Worcester County! I attended Wachusett Regional High School, and I studied theatre design and environmental studies at the College of the Holy Cross as an undergraduate student. I am now a current student at Clark! I am enrolled in the Master of Public Administration degree program in Clark’s School of Professional Studies.

As a member of the Clark Graduate Admissions team, I am excited to advise and guide admitted students as they pursue their academic and career goals. When I am not on campus you can find me enjoying coffee at one of Worcester’s many amazing cafés, reading a fantasy book, baking bread and desserts for myself and friends, or traveling to Amherst or Boston to visit friends and family.

Sarah Provost Headshot

Sarah Provost

Graduate Enrollment Operations Manager

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Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, I completed my Bachelor’s in Global Studies in Worcester, during which I had the incredible opportunity to study at Temple University’s Japan Campus in Tokyo. After completing my Master’s in Theological Studies at Boston College, I began working at Clark University as the Graduate Admissions Advisor. I’m looking forward to helping students through the application process!

Tessa Borozny

Tessa Borozny

Engagement Coordinator

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Born and raised right here in central Massachusetts, I went on to attend Worcester State University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Sociology. After graduating, I moved down to the wonderful state of Rhode Island! I have spent the past few years as an ESL teacher, and I just earned my master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Rhode Island. I have recently found my passion for working in higher education as a Graduate Admissions Advisor here at Clark University! A college campus has always felt like home to me and as I help students with the application process, I hope Clark will start to feel like home to them. When I am not at Clark, I love spending time outside with my husband and our two dogs!

Emily Hendrickson Headshot

Emily Hendrickson

Graduate Enrollment Operations Assistant

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Born and raised in Massachusetts, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts at Framingham State University. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Framingham State University. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my boyfriend Sam and cat Bean.

Kondwani Moya headshot

Kondwani Moya

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

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I was born and raised in Lilongwe, Malawi which is located in southeast Africa and known to many as the warm heart. I came to the United States to pursue my higher education. I earned my associates degree in management at Quincy college where I played soccer, and then, went on to receive my Bachelor’s degree in management at Bridgewater State University, where I was a part of the track and field team. After working a year for an industrial supply company, I decided to pursue a postgraduate degree and earned my MBA at Fitchburg State University and worked as a graduate assistant at SGOCE.

As a Graduate Coordinator I find great joy in helping students through the application process as I know too well how daunting the journey can be, especially for international students as I was once in the same situation. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching basketball as well as outdoor activities. I believe that the world is full of good people, and if you can’t find one, try to be one for the next person.

Meet Our Recruiting Team

Amy Daly Gardner

Amy Daly Gardner, MS ’05

Associate Dean, Director, Graduate Recruitment


Europe, Central Asia

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Born and raised in central Massachusetts, I studied French, Spanish, Polish, and Russian throughout high school and college, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian and Eastern European studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I also earned a master’s degree in professional communication from Clark. I began my career in international education working for the U.S. Department of State in St. Petersburg, Russia. When I returned to the United States, I joined Johns Hopkins Medical and later worked at the Harvard International Office. I came back home to Worcester in 2000 when I became the director of the International Students and Scholars Office at Clark. Since then, I have worked to recruit and support international students during their time on campus and enjoy sharing with them all that Clark and Worcester have to offer!

Yingying Chen

Yingying Chen, MS ’11

Senior Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment


China, South East Asia, Taiwan

Email Ying

I’m from an ancient city in China called Jingzhou. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Renmin University of China and spent two years in Beijing, working in consulting for renewable energy projects, before coming to the U.S. After earning my master’s degree in environmental science and policy at Clark, I started working in higher education. I found my passion for international collaboration while working on a partnership program with Peking University for the Albright Institute at Wellesley College, and at Wellesley’s Slater International Center I provided immigration and on-campus support to international students. At Clark, my focus is also on international students, which I enjoy a lot. Out of work, I like cooking and exploring the world with my young daughter.

Rachel Chenette Headshot

Rachel Chenette

Assistant Director, International Recruitment


Middle East, North Africa, China

Email Rachel

I use she/her pronouns and hail from the Worcester area and Bay Area California. I am a proud first-generation graduate and advocate for access to education for all.  My lifelong interest in studying languages and translation has compelled me to study French, Arabic, and Swedish before deciding to study Mandarin as an undergraduate, which ultimately resulted in obtaining my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mandarin Chinese.  I have five years of experience as an admissions counselor within the Worcester Consortium and am thrilled to help prospective students as they navigate their graduate program search and application process here at Clark! Outside of work, you can usually find me working on my latest creative project (paper crafts, collage, crochet, and knitting), tending to my beloved house plants, and working on my own translations for fun.

Alex Guillotti

Alex Gullotti ’21, MS ’22

Assistant Director, Domestic Recruitment


United States, Latin America

Email Alex

After growing up in Massachusetts, I studied here at Clark for my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees. During my years as a student, I was able to work within Worcester for a local basketball team and volunteer with several other organizations, before becoming a part of the Graduate Admissions Team. I have made some great connections during my time in Worcester and I hope to help students do the same. Outside of work, I play for several rec league sports teams, but spend my down time playing drums and singing.

Tereza Lopez

Tereza Lopez ’21, MS ’22

Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment


United States

Email Tereza

Born and raised in Springfield, MA, I completed my Bachelor’s in English and History with a minor in creative writing from Clark University. After a pleasant undergrad experience, I decided to stay at Clark for my Master’s degree in Communications through the School of Professional Studies. Since completing my degrees, I’ve been given the opportunity to continue my journey with Clark as I step into my professional career. I will be focusing on helping domestic students see if Clark graduate programs are the right fit for them! When I am not working, you can find me reading a good book (I’m always up to give and receive book recommendations) or playing with my cat Fantasma.

Brad Wall Headshot Clark

Bradley Wall

Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment


Africa, South Asia, Canada

Email Brad

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri which is located in the heart of the mid-western United States. Later on in life, I moved to a small town in New Hampshire and I have found that the East Coast is now my home. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts at the University of New Hampshire. During my undergraduate program, I worked as a Lead Ambassador and an RA. I really started to learn more about international students in those roles and their stories. After finishing my degree, I began my professional career at Southern New Hampshire University where I worked as an International Recruiter. Following that, I transitioned to my current role at Clark University and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love to travel and have explored many places worldwide. My passion involves helping international students achieve their academic goals and supporting them throughout their journey. Outside of work I enjoy playing video games, listening to podcasts, and camping.

Jayantunaj Das

Jayantunaj Das



India (based in India)

Email Jayant

I love to travel and that’s what has driven me to work in the international education sector. In a career spanning more than a decade, I have worked with international education providers like The Princeton Review, IDP and Navitas. Massachusetts has a special place in my heart because it was the first place I visited in the U.S. I am fascinated with the educational quality and diversity of Clark University, and am excited to be part of the Graduate Admissions team.

IonNan Rouch

IouNan Rouh




Email IouNan

I was born in Taiwan but spent most of my life time in Miami FL where I worked with Johnson & Wales University for the first 10 years at the Academic office and then moved on to the Admission recruitment for another 10 years. I learned a lot from both departments and was able to continue working as a recruiter based in Taiwan. I was hired by Clark University to assist students from Taiwan and help them with admission process, so contact me if you need my help.

Meet Our Graduate Assistants

Jingyansha Headshot

Jigyansha Dahal

Graduate Assistant

MS in Business Analytics

Email Jigyansha


Hello! I am Jigyansha Dahal (Jiggy), and I belong to the beautiful land of lush green forests, vividly diverse plains, and the home of the tallest mountain in the world—Nepal. Currently pursuing my Master of Science in Business Analytics, I have had the best learning experience in the last two semesters at Clark. I completed my undergrad in BBA in Nepal and worked in the banking and finance industry for 3 years.

For me, I have always had an inquisitive mind driven by the desire to understand how data has distinct purposes in various arenas. This enthusiasm led me to pursue MS Business Analytics, which by far has been my most fulfilling academic decision, and Clark played a crucial role in making it big.

I love reading books and interacting with people, which is why I like Dana Commons and Academic Commons the most among the campus spaces. As a Graduate Assistant Ambassador, I am excited to share my experiences and help prospective students make their Clark transition a smooth and remarkable one.

Linda Headshot

Linda Pham

Graduate Assistant

MS in Data Analytics

Email Linda


Hi, I am Linda Pham from a lovely coastal city in Vietnam, and am currently pursuing a Master’s in Data Analytics (MSDA) at Clark. I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Systems Analytics and Finance at La Salle University in Philadelphia. Following that, I gained valuable experience as a Business Development Executive and Research Analyst at a Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firm in Vietnam for a year before joining Clark. During this time, I discovered my passion for data analysis, prompting me to further my education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Analytics at Clark.

During my leisure time, I indulge in various activities such as writing, traveling, and dancing. I have been a dedicated K-Pop dancer for a decade! Recently, I have also developed an interest in gym workouts and swimming, making the Kneller Gym and Pool my ultimate favorite spot at Clark!

Becoming a Graduate Assistant has provided me with a captivating and challenging opportunity to work with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Additionally, it allows me to share my personal story and experience, assisting students in making the right decision.

Monisha Headshot

Monisha Kannan

Graduate Assistant

MS in Marketing Analytics

Email Monisha


Hey! I am Monisha Kannan, currently pursuing my master’s in Marketing Analytics at Clark University. I was born in the southern part of India but lived in various cities, moving every two years and experiencing the diverse and vibrant culture of the country. Before attending Clark, I worked for an experiential travel company and during that time, I realized the power marketing can hold on any product. It can either break it or make it and thus started my passion for building a career in marketing and to get into the depths of this so-called power.

Relocating to a new country or place can be daunting, especially for an international student like myself. However, being here and interacting with a diverse community makes me feel like I belong here. There are abundant opportunities for not only professional but also personal growth. Clark offers me a wonderful platform to showcase my talents and enhance my professional skills. The main thing that attracted me towards Clark was the how they had unique courses like Blockchain, Crypto and AI along with the basic marketing courses which I believe is the future of any industry. And to add to that, they have a really good sports center, Kneller which is my happy place and always will be.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, and being a Graduate Assistant at Clark provides me with the opportunity to do so, while also assisting new students in gaining a better understanding of their course, the University, and Worcester.

Choudhury, Raya headshot

Raya Choudhury

Graduate Assistant

MS in Environmental Science and Policy

Email Raya


Hi! I am Raya Choudhury hailing from the country of rivers and lush greenery known as Bangladesh, and I am pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Science & Policy at Clark.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Environmental Science in my home country and worked as a research assistant on various projects related to the environment and climate change which allowed me the opportunity to deal with issues of current times that are of great concern. I also believe that it has been able to show me a specific direction in life. I discovered my passion and enthusiasm for scientific research on topics such as environmental socialism and climate justice which led me to pursue higher education and obtain my Master’s degree from Clark.

I enjoy watching movies, catching up on my favorite TV shows or discovering new restaurants in my leisure time. Coming to Clark and becoming a Graduate Assistant has been a very rewarding opportunity for me as it has allowed me to gain valuable experiences and assist future students to also attain memorable experiences.

Sahan Headshot

Sahan Maharjan

Graduate Assistant

MS in Finance

Email Sahan


Hi! I’m Sahan Maharjan, currently enrolled in the MS Finance Program. Born in the capital of Nepal, I am used to looking at mountains from the comfort of my home. Quick Fact about me- I’ve been to Everest! Before joining Clark, I worked over 4 years in Corporate Finance and Investment Management in a public company and my curiosity about finance has grown ever since! So feel free to reach out to me if you want to get started on anything finance. I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA Honors in Finance from Christ University, Bangalore where I grew familiar with a business environment.


I am interested in poetry, football and enjoy presenting and talking about finance. As a Graduate Assistant, I am helping prospective students in their journey to be a Clarkie. Being involved in the Admissions Office helps me interact with students from diverse backgrounds and build my communication as well.

Samson Williams headshot

Samson Williams

Graduate Assistant

MS in Computer Science

Email Samson


Samson Williams, hailing from a small town in India, is currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science (MSCS) at Clark University. He successfully obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Christ University in Bangalore. Prior to joining Clark, Samson accumulated approximately three years of valuable experience as a Software Developer at various organizations, including Oracle Health and Accenture (Merck).

His professional journey not only provided him with hands-on experience but also fueled his passion for development. This realization led him to seek further education, motivating him to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science at Clark.

In his leisure time, Samson engages in diverse activities such as drumming, basketball, and cooking. A fitness enthusiast, he enjoys spending time at the gym, lifting weights, and connecting with new people.

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