Master's in Information Technology Clark University

M.S. in Information Technology (M.S.I.T.)

Knowledge every organization needs

Knowledge of information technology is needed for virtually every organization today, in every country. Those who know how to apply that knowledge effectively are valuable to any employer.

Through its STEM*-designated Master's Degree in Information Technology (M.S.I.T.), Clark's School of Professional Studies (SPS) combines an understanding of technology and its application to provide a competitive advantage in the workplace. Learning to apply information technology effectively in a business setting requires an understanding not only of technology, but of business. With a Master's Degree in Information Technology from SPS, you’ll learn not only technical proficiency, but how to apply that knowledge strategically and efficiently to any business.

Students enrolled in the M.S.I.T. program also may choose a concentration in cybersecurity, a rapidly growing and increasingly important field.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics