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Time traveler - Clark University
May 5, 2014
In the winter of his junior year, G. Max Bernheimer was walking to class from his apartment on Loudon Street and stepped into a puddle. This was no rain-fed pool — this was a Worcester puddle in all its terrible glory, a deep ugly gash filled with melted snow and chunks of ice. Bernheimer sank to his shin in the frigid...
More than skin deep - Clark University
May 5, 2013
The nights are the worst. When Norm Apter is lying in bed, eyes wide open, no sound but his own heartbeat, it's as though the entire world has gone to sleep and left him behind. At night when everything is still, the cancer seems to cover him like an extra blanket. This is the time for What ifs and Who knows; for honest...
The man in the glass - Clark University
February 10, 2012
If you flip to page 534 of the Clark College Monthly for June 1912, you will find a black and white photograph of that year's graduating class. It is a formal portrait from a formal time, an era when, especially if you hoped to get on in the world, you conformed to the prevailing dress code that signified respectability....