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We embrace individuals of diverse backgrounds who come together to form the Clark community. Our Diversity and Inclusion course requirement ensures that every Clarkie benefits from the vital exchange of ideas and experiences provided by this rich campus.

By understanding and appreciating diverse experiences, we challenge beliefs and assumptions. We extend one another’s range of experience. We teach one another to see the world from different perspectives. We share one another’s concerns, and respect one another’s dignity — regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, age, ability, citizenship, nationality, or ethnicity.

Every undergraduate is required to complete a course with a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) attribute. Most of our D&I courses have a substantial focus on race, gender, or ethnicity, but others may address issues around religion, age, sexuality, ability, nationality, or class. All D&I courses engage students in the critical analysis of topics such as power, intersectionality, inequality, marginality, and identity. Courses fulfilling other requirements in the Program of Liberal Studies or in any major, concentration, or minor requirements may simultaneously fulfill the D&I requirement.