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Diana Argiles Castillo doing lab work

At Clark, you can take part in research from the moment you arrive on campus.

Working with world-renowned researchers in the lab, in the field, or in the archives, discover new knowledge, reframe traditional research questions, and transform your passions into solutions to real-world problems.

An Abundance of Options

Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Receive funding to pursue independent research on a topic of your choosing.

Student doing lab


Work alongside distinguished faculty members, assisting them with their research.


Conduct integral research in your First-Year Intensive and Problems of Practice courses.

Art history students curate ‘Women of WAM’ exhibit

Work examines depictions of femininity in Worcester Art Museum’ collections

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Plave Fellowship contributes to battle against ALS

Funding gives Clark students access to science research opportunities

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Hiatt Center highlights research on race, equity

Presentations demonstrate ‘value and power of youth knowledge creation’

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