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Welcome to the Hiatt Center for Urban Education

We are youth, school- and community-based educators, and Clark academics and students who are actively engaging each other and our worlds through research. Only by cultivating a research collective that brings together diverse perspectives, experiences, and methods will we be able to create the types of practices, knowledge-in-action, and deep human relationships needed for more equitable and meaningful education.


Hiatt Community of Inquiry

Youth-Led Research

Includes youth-initiated investigations and research carried out by youth engaged in school-based and community-based projects.

Educator-Led Research

Includes research carried out by educators from Pre K-12 schools and community-based settings.

Clark-Led Research

Includes research carried out primarily by Clark academics and students.

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Journal of Youth Scholarship

The Journal of Youth Scholarship (JOYS) is a journal founded by youth for youth. JOYS is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, publishing research, memoirs and creative writing of youth authors.

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Hiatt Youth Summit on Race and Education

This annual summit brings together secondary-level students from across Massachusetts to explore various issues important to young people. This has included opportunities to engage in dialogue about the power of youth to make changes in their community and schools, racism and inequity in public schools, and the role that race and class lays in shaping the educational experiences of young people across the nation.

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Hiatt Youth Council

The Hiatt Youth Council provides a platform for youth to express themselves as they explore their social, cultural, and political identifies. Council members engage in inquiry relating to social justice/injustice and youth cultures. They also facilitate a youth summit that invites other youth into the inquiry.

Featured News

Featured News

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Clark students help middle schoolers find their voices through poetry, art

For three hours each week, Clark University students bring a world of poetry into Worcester classrooms — with the impact extending far beyond the city limits.

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