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From Research to Action

The Mosakowski Institute works to link Clark’s research and teaching to the world of public policy making and implementation. We believe that research that connects to the communities of which Clark is a part-locally, regionally, and globally- is more likely to produce knowledge that can change peoples’ lives for the better. We also believe that our students benefit greatly from in-depth exposure to societal challenges and opportunities as they occur in their actual contexts.

Established thanks to an extraordinarily generous founding gift from Jane ’75 and Bill ’76 Mosakowski, the Institute enables Clark faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students to work with partners from government, business, and non-profit organizations on research projects, courses, seminars, internships, fellowships, and other opportunities.

Currently our work takes place within four main areas:

Health is a key concern for everyone and the largest single piece of our economy. Our faculty and students work closely with public health officials, health care providers, and other community organizations to better understand and address the social determinants that are the root of so many health problems.

Unequal educational opportunity persists as one of America’s critical challenges. The Institute has joined with other Clark faculty and public school systems to put innovative educational ideas into practice and to bring those ideas greater attention in public discourse.

Clark has a long history of documenting how human technological progress has too often come at the cost of environmental degradation. The Mosakowski Institute seeks to carve a more sustainable path through novel research, hands-on field placements, and cutting edge programming.

Worcester, Clark’s home, is one of dozens of older industrial cities in New England. Millions of people live and work in these cities and their surrounding regions, and they continue to serve as gateways to immigrants from around the world. Mosakowski is a leading academic center for the study of these fascinating and important places.

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Cities Profiles

Creating “data dashboards” to analyze differences among mid-sized cities in southern New England.

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Student Work

Opportunities for and examples of student involvement with the Institute.

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