Study abroad programs have are not one-size-fits-all and there is a program for every type of learner. You may choose your program based on major, but also type of program, location or language. Explained below are the types of study abroad programs offered through the Study Abroad Office at Clark.

Types of programs

Direct enrollment & exchange programs

Program provider study centers

  • Programs administered by a third-party study abroad provider or foreign institution and involve a "study center"
  • Set up for U.S. students abroad as a home base for academics, social activities and in some cases, accommodation
  • Usually offer specialized courses, built-in excursions, and community service options or internships
  • Examples of these providers are CIEE, CET, CAPA and Augsburg CGEE (Center for Global Education Experiences)

Hybrid Programs: Most study centers also have a relationship with a host university or several host institutions, where students may be able to directly enroll in university courses, language courses or take "courses for foreigners."

Choosing a program