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COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Dear Members of the Clark Community,

As previously announced, Clark’s plans for fall semester are to resume “normal” operations as nearly as possible. To achieve this goal, I believe we must aim for the fullest possible degree of immunity among us all.

I am, therefore, announcing today — after careful consultation with public health experts, our own Health Advisory Board, and the Clark Reopening Committee, among others — that Clark students, faculty, and staff members will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than July 15 (or earlier for those planning to live or work on campus this summer). Exemptions will be made for medical or disability reasons or religious beliefs, and could be made, at the sole discretion of the University, for other well-documented reasons.

I am sharing this information now to give you ample time to make plans to be vaccinated and to register your vaccination status with the University before the July 15 deadline. A communication will be sent next week detailing how to register your status or request an exemption.

Even with the vaccine requirement, we will continue to diligently monitor the incidence of COVID locally and will continue to adhere to CDC guidelines as they evolve.

For our employees, we recognize that transitioning back to a more traditional work model will take time and pose challenges. We expect some flexibility and customization of work routines will continue up to the start of the fall semester and, in some cases, beyond that. Those determinations and accommodations will be made in consultation with, and after approval by, your department supervisor.

The Clark community has shown an amazing capacity and willingness to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine requirement is consistent with this culture of shared responsibility and commitment. We are grateful for all you have done this year, and all you will do to prepare for the fall semester to help our community stay safe and healthy.


David Fithian ’87