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Academic Technology offers digitization services of many types of media content. The purpose of digitization is to make the content available online for Clark University students, faculty, and staff to further educational goals and enhance learning outcomes. Although we primarily focus on DVD video digitization, we can also make accommodations for many other types of media.

Please note that we cannot accommodate all digitization requests due to occasional technical issues and copyright regulations. Your intended purpose for the media must fall under Fair Use and copyright exemptions, which allow for the dissemination of copyrighted material in certain educational contexts and under specific conditions.

For example, we would be allowed to digitize and upload a copyrighted movie for the purpose of critical analysis and discussion for a limited length of time. We would not be allowed to digitize the same content for entertainment purposes or for an indefinite period.

If you would like to make a digitization request, or have questions regarding the digitization process or guidelines, contact Academic Technology Services.

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