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Campus Survey

Dear Clark community,

We are delighted to provide an update regarding the Clark University Survey on Campus Culture and Community. The survey launched in October 2017 in partnership with the Higher Education Research Institution (HERI) at UCLA, a leading expert in the field. We received the final HERI report in April 2018, and it was disseminated to the campus that spring. This past year, a small team collaborated with the President’s Diversity Advisory Council to review the raw data to better understand the findings and move into our next phase of recommendations and implementation.

Next steps

Over the summer months and into the next academic year, members of the Clark community will gather to discuss the results and potential next steps. This will involve broad campus engagement with all constituencies (students, faculty, and staff) in order to develop recommendations and set the stage for a comprehensive implementation strategy based on the key data findings. In order to assist the campus, we have included four reports that include a summary of the key data findings based on constituency.


A special thank-you to Andrew Stewart, assistant professor of psychology; Elissa Chin Lu, director of strategic analytics and institutional research; Jennifer Fells, undergraduate research assistant and Julia Tran, graduate research assistant, who worked tirelessly on the reports.


Sheree M. Ohen, J.D.
Chief Officer of Diversity and Inclusion

A brief history

The Survey on Campus Culture and Community built upon a history commencing from the creation of the Committee on Campus Climate and collaboration with the Consortium on High Achievement and Success. It marked a milestone in the institution’s diversity and inclusion efforts in that it is the very first survey to reach all campus constituents – students, faculty, staff, and senior administrators – using a single survey instrument.

The survey’s aim was to collect data on the experiences, opportunities, and perspectives of various campus constituencies; gather insights on the culture of understanding, acceptance, and celebration of difference at Clark; gain an understanding of the institution’s strengths and opportunities in diversity, equity, and inclusion; and recognize ways to maintain this momentum in growth and progress.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion served as the campus coordinator for this initiative, and together with the Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research, worked with HERI to develop a survey instrument that was adapted to Clark. This instrument was piloted among a test group of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students before receiving Institutional Research Board approval.

At the conclusion of the survey in December 2017, HERI analyzed the data and produced a final report that was sent to the campus community in Spring 2018. This past year, a small team worked in collaboration with the President’s Diversity Advisory Council to review the raw data to better understand the findings in order to move into our next phase of recommendations and implementation.

The institution plans to convene high-level discussions on these deliverables to craft thoughtful and data-driven priorities and strategies related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.