IDCE Students Profiles

Jeanette Roach (CDP '2013)
IDCE Fellow

Jeanette Roach (USA) is a native of Worcester, MA. She received her B.A. in geography from Vassar College in 2009. While at Vassar, she was a member of the Student Activist's Union, and spent a summer as a Ford Scholar helping develop a course on globalization. Her senior thesis focused on using spatial perspective to illuminate the mobilization, practices, and trajectory of the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance, an anti-war group committed to direct action in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating, she worked with youth mentoring programs as an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring, first at a youth drop-in center in Great Barrington, MA, and most recently at the Worcester Youth Center. She currently facilitates an arts and leadership program for 13 and 14-year-old girls. Her interests include looking at the intersections of geography, community and youth development.