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Welcome to the Sociology Department

Social dynamics impact each of our lives in powerful and sometimes hidden ways. If you are interested in learning more about the society in which you live, and how that compares to other groups or societies around the world, you might consider taking courses or pursuing a degree in sociology. Our small, intimate department offers a broad range of research and coursework to match your interests.

The Sociology Department’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

Deborah Merrill

Undergraduate Program

As a sociology major, you will study broad social processes — global dynamics, stratification, social movements, and more  — and explore diverse institutions, from the law and medicine to family and religion.

Sociology professors with student in Mosakowski Institute


Sociologists conduct research on almost every area of human behavior, at the macro and micro levels. Students are encouraged to conduct research, whether on their own, as part of a small team, or in collaboration with faculty.

Sociology student in research process class

Careers and Internships

As a sociology major, you will focus on critical thinking, analytic and communicative skills, and methodological training, making you well-equipped to pursue professional or graduate school or to enter the workforce.



PBK Boston Association Scholarship

  • 2022 Recipient: Colleen Falconer

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Addams Mills Award

  • 2021 Recipient: Deisy Rodrigues Ledezma

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Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Graduates and New Inductees!

  • Heran Abiy
  • Megan Alisha Balani
  • Quinn Berube
  • Emma Boland
  • Lilith Bourne
  • Jacob Brandes
  • Carolina Cerda
  • Claire Isabella Cohen-Kowan
  • Heidy Coronel
  • Jessica DeMelo
  • Sarah Fraher
  • Halley Gellatly
  • Kayla Goodman-Weinbaum
  • Claire Hackett Hagerty
  • Isabella Hillebrand
  • Natalya Loughrin
  • Maxwell Macort
  • Emily McBride
  • Tiffany Nhan
  • Megan Plansky
  • Jamie Quinn
  • Kamran Keefe Rahman
  • Madison Richards
  • Anabel Riggio
  • Deisy Rodrigues Ledezma
  • Mya Stafford
  • Abigail Thompson
  • Zoe Wright

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