IDCE Students Profiles

Brendan Golubjatnikov (ES&P '2012)

Brendan Golubjatnikov (USA) originally from Rutland, VT and have also spent a good amount of time in Bellingham, WA. I graduated from Clark last spring with a bachelor's degree in Geography. While my professional and internship experience has been mostly in the GIS field, I am more interested in green energy and am very excited to enter the accelerated Environmental Science and Policy masters program. I will be interning and doing my masters project with Absolute Green Energy in Worcester this year. I am very excited to get some hands on experience in the renewable energy sector (specifically solar PV) and see where that takes me. I very much enjoy being in academia but I think that the next step for me is to get out and work in an industry. In my spare time, I enjoy skiing, photography, hiking, biking, and the outdoors in general.