IDCE Students Profiles

Chandani Shrestha (IDSC '2014)

Chandani Shrestha (Nepal) graduated with a degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. her undergrad, she interned at a local non profit organization in Fargo/Moorhead area. The organization was called the Giving+Learning and she worked in their Public Relations department. During her time there, she also got an opportunity to work with refugee resettlement and taught English to new Americans. She has also volunteered for Japan Association for Asian Friendship Society (JAFS) in high school between 2004 – 2006. Volunteering for JAFS allowed her to travel to the rural parts of her county and build schools, bio–gas plants and distribute food and other necessary supplies to the villagers. Her post graduation plan is to work in the social development field in the underdeveloped parts of hercountry and other south Asian countries.