IDCE Students Profiles

Zhonghui Lv (GISDE '2014)

Zhonghui Lv (China) graduated with a master degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University in 2012, before that, she received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering from North University of China in 2010. Six years’ study in environmental field, she was involved in diverse environmental projects to sharp her research and analysis skills, her project “The Utilization of Recycle System of Farmland Rainwater” won second prize at 11th National University “Challenge Cup” Extra-curricular Competition on Science and Technology Competition in China. In 2011, she worked as a GIS intern at MassDEP and involved in multiple projects related to water management, which gave her a practical experience to solve real problems by using GIS. After that, she got a strong interest in using GIS as a tool to solve environmental issues. Her research interests include landscape change, natural resource management, environmental management, climate change.