IDCE Students Profiles

Michael Towle (GISDE '2012)

Michael Towle (USA) has kept himself busy. This year he aimed to take the GREs, apply to Clark, obtain GIS certificate from Cape Cod Community College, find a GIS based internship for the summer, learn basic Spanish, bake bread, and run either two half marathons or just one whole one. Both his Spanish and baking is poor but he does have the GIS certificate on its way and he ran not only two half marathons but completed the Boston Marathon this year as well! While reaching all these goals he is also completing up to 1,700 hours of community service assisting in energy efficiency programs for low income residents on Cape Cod with AmeriCorps. So while he is in this upbeat and productive time in his life he plans on learning as much as he can in GIS methods and environmental problem solving during his time at Clark.