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David Fithian

David Fithian ’87

President of the University

1-508-793-7320 |

As the chief executive officer of the University, the President is responsible for leading the achievement of Clark’s mission and strategic goals and representing institutional values.

Sebastian Royo

Sebastián Royo

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

1-508-793-7673 |

As the chief academic officer of the University, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs works with the President and faculty to set academic priorities, oversees funding across academic departments, promotes academic excellence, and is responsible for the overall student experience at Clark.

Danielle Manning

Danielle Manning ’00, MBA ’06

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

1-508-793-7455 |

The Executive Vice President/CFO is the chief administrative officer and treasurer of the University overseeing Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Emergency Management, and Campus Safety and Security.

Yuko Aoyama

Yuko Aoyama

Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Associate Provost

1-508-793-7403 |

Leads coordination of doctoral and master’s degree programs, and promotes and supports research.

Mary-Ellen Boyle

Mary-Ellen Boyle

Interim Dean of the College, Interim Associate Provost

1-508-793-7558 |

Leads undergraduate academic programs and policies, curricular development and advising, as well as evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

Edward Carr

Edward Carr

Director, Department of International Development, Community, and Environment

1-508-421-3895  |

Leads the International Development and Community and Environment department and its faculty and degree programs; fosters collaborations in teaching and research related to global change.

David Chearo

David Chearo

Vice President for Planning and Chief of Staff

1-508-793-8837 |

Leads strategic planning efforts, manages execution of major University initiatives, and oversees Facilities Management, the Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research, and other operational needs.

Joseph Corazzini

Joseph M. Corazzini

Vice President for Government and Community Affairs

1-508-793-7444 |

Leads external relations, community affairs, and government engagement and fosters partnerships in the city and more broadly.

Paul Cotnoir

Paul Cotnoir

Dean of the Becker School of Design & Technology

1-508-798-4394 |

Leads the Becker School and its faculty in undergraduate and graduate degree programs and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Alan Eisner

Alan Eisner

Dean of the School of Management

1-508-793-7368 |

Leads the School of Management, its faculty and undergraduate and graduate degree programs to prepare leaders for success founded on the principles of social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical business practice.

Margo Foreman

Margo R. Foreman

Vice President and Chief Officer of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

1-508-793-7351 |

Leads Clark’s programs and initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing direction for priorities and planning to strengthen campus community, culture, and climate.

Jill Friedma

Jill Friedman

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

1-508-793-7441 |

Leads communication strategies to amplify Clark’s standing as a premier academic and research institution and to engage the University community.

Kendall Isaac

Kendall Isaac

Vice President and General Counsel

1-508-793-7445 |

Leads the University’s internal legal services, advises on policies, contracts, and procurement, and ensures compliance with laws and regulations; functions as the official records custodian for the university, manages support for the Board of Trustees for which he serves as Assistant Secretary.

Esther Jones

Esther Jones

Dean of the Faculty, Associate Provost


Leads academic affairs support services, mentoring, professional development, and leadership opportunities for faculty.

Joseph Kalinowski

Joseph Kalinowski, MBA ’15

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

1-508-793-7178 |

Leads information technology strategy and services in support of students, faculty, staff, and research computing; ensures continuity and security of campus IT infrastructure.

Kamala Kiem

Kamala Kiem

Associate Provost for Student Success and Dean of Students

1-508-793-7423 |

Leads the Division of Student Success and has responsibility for the student experience at Clark, including areas related to community living, career readiness, student engagement, health & well-being, and academic inclusive excellence.

John LaBrie

John LaBrie

Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Associate Provost

1-508-793-7623 |

Leads Clark’s professional education programs and is responsible for graduate-level student recruitment and marketing initiatives, including for the International Development, and Community and Environment department and the School of Management, as well as support and programming for international students.

Theresa Malone

Theresa Malone ’01, MA ’09

Acting Executive Director for Admissions

1-508-793-7431 |

Leads undergraduate recruitment strategies and the financial aid process, and works closely with the Provost and deans on enrollment management.

Joe Manok

Joe Manok

Vice President for University Advancement

1-508-793-7166 |

Leads the University’s advancement operations including The Clark Fund, major gifts, planned giving, and corporate relations, as well as stewardship and alumni engagement.

Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams

Chair of the Faculty, Professor of Political Science

1-508-793-7446 |

The Chair of the Faculty leads faculty governance committee processes and acts as liaison to administrative offices, staff, and students.

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