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Task Force on Campus Safety and Security

To the Clark Community:

On October 27th, when I announced the appointment of Lauren Misale as Chief of the Clark University Police Department (CUPD), I noted that an immediate priority will be working with her to conduct a thorough assessment of our police practices and overall approach to campus safety and security. Chief Misale already has taken steps forward within CUPD, including the scheduling of department-wide anti-bias training that will be completed this month.

Today, I am announcing the formation of a Task Force on Campus Safety and Security that will help to channel engagement of the entire University community in this review and look to practices and expertise outside of Clark.

The charge of the Task Force includes:

  • Reviewing current policing practices at Clark.
  • Exploring alternative policing models that are responsive to the risks unique to Clark based on our urban location, as well as concerns raised by members of our community, including those representing the Black Student Union.
  • Hosting university-wide and smaller group dialogue sessions to gather broad input.
  • Making formal recommendations for changes to the way in which Clark provides and manages campus safety and security going forward.

I have asked the Task Force to begin its work immediately, with a first University community listening session scheduled for February 16th from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (dial-in information to come). I also have asked the Task Force to issue a final report by the end of May.

I am grateful to Executive Vice President and CFO Danielle Manning who will chair the Task Force and the following who have agreed to serve:

  • Nassim Ali Ahman ’22, Student Representative
  • Kamryn Barrows ’22, Student Representative
  • Patrick Derr, Professor of Philosophy
  • Benjamin Gardner, Associate Director of Community Engagement and Volunteering
  • Caleb Gibson ’22, Student Representative
  • Francy Magee, Dean of Students
  • John Ohotnicky, Registrar
  • Tony Penny, Business and Auxiliary Services Manager
  • Ousmane Power-Greene, Associate Professor of History
  • Laura Robinson, University Librarian
  • Laurie Ross, Professor of Community Development and Planning, IDCE
  • Grace Williams ’23, Student Representative
  • Peyton Wu, Director of Multicultural and First Generation Student Support
  • Mikayla Wynter, Director of Diversity Programming and Multicultural Counseling

The work of the Task Force will provide critical perspective and ideas to help strengthen our overall approach to safety and security. I am looking forward to working with them and others to move the University forward.


David Fithian ’87