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Stutdents working on project at pond testin

Clark University Professor Nathan Ahlgren with Lennea Menin (center) and Emily Dart collect water samples from kettle ponds in Wellfleet, Mass.

At Clark, we believe deep learning moves from the classroom to the world. This is why we structure our curriculum around Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP), which connects classroom learning with action through world and workplace experiences.

Our world needs people who can think critically and creatively, and act thoughtfully, decisively, and compassionately. Here, you will learn and do — think and act — in ways that meet your personal ambitions and address our world’s global challenges.

Professor advising student

Circle of support


From your first day at Clark through graduation, your personal team of teachers, mentors, counselors, and coaches will support and guide you as you determine your path. They’ll help you move forward and they’ll have your back.