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The Clark curriculum provides vital skills, meaningful opportunities, and the chance to define — and pursue — your ideal career and life path. When you study here, the experiences of today will prepare you to meet the expectations of tomorrow.

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Getting Started

First-Year Intensives

Explore a topic or discipline in depth with a professor and a small cohort of students who share your interests. The first step in the LEEP curriculum, your first-year intensive course (FYI) helps lay the intellectual, social, and emotional groundwork you need to thrive at and after Clark.

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Set Your Course(s)

Majors and Minors

Majors and minors help focus your learning and ensure you build the skills to succeed in a field of your choice. You can select a traditional major like math or philosophy, or break free of conventional boundaries by choosing an interdisciplinary program — or design one of your own.

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Breaching Boundaries

Program of Liberal Studies

Through Clark’s Program of Liberal Studies (PLS), you’ll develop fundamental knowledge in a variety of disciplines and make vital connections across subjects — capacities that are crucial to success in today’s complex global economy.

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Necessary Conversations

Diversity and Inclusion Courses

As part of a diverse and passionate community, you’ll engage daily with the perspectives and experiences of others. Our Diversity and Inclusion course requirement ensures you can explore sensitive issues related to identity and power in a safe and structured way — preparing you to be a true global citizen.

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Learn How to Do

Problems of Practice Courses

In these innovative courses, you’ll work on a faculty-led team to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge with meaningful implications in the wider world.

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Prove Yourself

LEEP Capstone

Before you graduate, you’ll complete a LEEP Capstone that addresses an issue, problem, or theme of significance in your field or in the world. This advanced project will allow you to employ all your various skills and demonstrate the sum knowledge and expertise acquired during your time at Clark.

Undergraduate Course Catalog