Graduate Academics

Graduate Academics

At Clark, our graduate students and faculty form a passionate community characterized by creativity, intellectual daring, strong collaborations, and the determination to contribute to transformational change, both locally and globally. Graduate education at Clark is both focused and comprehensive. It provides students with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their fields, and prepares scholars, researchers, practitioners, corporate leaders, activists and change agents to think critically and creatively, act collaboratively and engage responsibly with their communities.

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May 21, 2017


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Clark University offers small and vibrant doctoral programs in Biology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Chemistry; Economics; Geography; History; Holocaust and Genocide Studies (through History, Geography or Social Psychology); Physics; and Clinical, Developmental and Social Psychology where students are engaged from around the world in relevant, challenging and innovative research that transforms communities.
The Graduate School of Geography, Gustaf H. Carlson School of Chemistry, Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Frances L. Hiatt School of Psychology, and the departments of Biology, Economics, and History maintain national and international reputations with distinguished faculty and historical significance. From the father of rocket science to the founder of the America Psychological Association, Clark’s doctoral programs have developed innovative and collaborative techniques that have resulted in substantive research, publications and public presentations.

The AACSB-accredited Graduate School of Management at Clark University is committed to the Principles for Responsible Management (PRME). Our commitment is not only evident in our curriculum and research, it is also revealed through personal interactions with our faculty, staff, students and alumni. With strong programs in accounting and finance, we value rigor and critical thinking, but we also encourage creative approaches to problem solving that consider multiple perspectives. 

The International Development, Community and Environment Department (IDCE) has built its degree programs on more than 35 years of collective field experience in North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America. This is a place of intellectual rigor and creative thinking, where students acquire the professional skills they need to advance in their careers.

At IDCE students learn how to address complex problems and build community while managing resources wisely. In the classroom and in the field, IDCE students develop critical analytical skills, explore linkages between local and global perspectives, and focus on the complex connections between human and natural systems.

Over the past 75 years, Clark University's College of Professional and Continuing Education (COPACE) has enriched thousands of adult students' lives by helping them build an educational program that's right for them.

Whatever you choose to study, we can help you reach your goal—our primary goal is to help you succeed whether it is degree completion or advancing your career. Our classes are all in the evening and taught by professors who are professionals in their field. Our staff and faculty are attuned to the needs of adult students. As one adult student stated: "If you're a square peg, they don't try to jam you into a round hole."

We can provide you with a wide range of degree and non-degree courses.

The Graduate School of Management (GSOM) and the International Development Community and Environment Department offer two dual degrees that combine the MBA with either a masters in Community Development and Planning or a masters in Environmental Science and Policy. The dual degrees afford the students the rich resources of both faculties, and the opportunity to gain a unique set of combined skills, knowledge, and experiences. Graduates of the dual degree program are well positioned to affect significant change in organizations with a strong foundation in management skills and domain expertise.  
Within GSOM, there are two dual degrees — one that combines the MBA with the MS in Accounting and the other that combines the MBA with the MS in Finance. Both GSOM dual degrees provide the breadth of an MBA with the deep focus on an area of expertise, preparing graduates for leadership positions in accounting or finance.

Clark offers blended master’s programs combining face-to-face and online courses in several areas. In our online courses you will develop competencies for today’s competitive workforce while having the flexibility to learn on your own schedule. Like all Clark students, you will interact with people from different backgrounds to integrate theory and practice, affording you with opportunities to experience many perspectives and concepts throughout your studies. Connecting with fellow students and faculty will help you build valuable personal and professional networks. Clark leverages the best of teaching and learning technologies to facilitate these connections and your learning.

We currently offer online courses in the following degree programs:

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In addition to the wealth of scholarship and creative activity that goes on within academic departments, Clark’s research institutes and centers provide vibrant interdisciplinary hubs where research, learning and practice come together in innovative ways around thematic areas of focus.

Clark scholars from most of our graduate programs promote and participate in an innovative model of engaged scholarship that transcends traditional disciplinary and societal boundaries and connects rigorous coursework and research with active and innovative engagement with communities.   Our faculty and students work closely with community partners to design projects and strategies that address issues of shared concern.

Clark researchers have had a longstanding commitment to linking transformative research to the world of action. This approach integrates with classroom learning to create a unique space where students and faculty engage in research that’s academically relevant, globally consequential and personally meaningful.


The return on a Clark education is lifelong. See where alumni are forging their careers, and making an impact in the world.

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Clark offers new Master of Science in Management

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Zhengfu Chen, Clark University
Student Experience

Bringing a development perspective to bear on cultural heritage

With the help of faculty from Clark’s Graduate School of Geography and Department of International Development, Community and Environment, Zhengfu Chen is pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in international development, indigenous studies, and the anthropology of arts. His interests include Chinese minority ethnic groups’ handcraft studies, and Chinese tourism and cultural preservation. “While Clark’s physical footprint Is small,” Chen says, “Its scholarly reach encompasses cultures around the world."

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Carol Stimmel, Clark University
Student Experience

Clark doctoral candidate hailed as “one of 15 smart grid experts”

Carol L. Stimmel, author, and founder and chief analyst at Manifest Mind, has over 25 years experience in emerging technology markets including operations, research and analysis, engineering, and product design. She’s pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in technology and social change under the mentorship of faculty at Clark’s Graduate School of Geography and Department of International Development, Community and Environment.

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Melike Sayoglu, Clark University
Student Experience

Ph.D. student epitomizes Clark's 'interdisciplinarity and interconnectedness'

Melike Sayoglu works with faculty from English, women’s and gender studies, and psychology to create her interdisciplinary Ph.D. in literature, ethnic and racial studies. Sayoglu, who is researching film portrayals of black Turkish women, was recently awarded the American Association of University Women’s International Fellowship to support her dissertation work.

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Hasnaa Mokhtar, Clark University
Student Experience

Online magazine highlights journalism work of Clark doctoral candidate

Hasnaa Mokhtar was one of eight female Muslim journalists highlighted in the online magazine to mark Muslim Women’s Day. Mokhtar, who’s pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in international development with a focus on women’s and gender studies, has also been featured on Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 list of young people transforming media.

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