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Clark faculty’s research is supported by numerous funding agencies and organizations, both public and private. The University’s Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is responsible for the the review, submission and acceptance of non-gift grants and contracts. University Advancement is responsible for gifts from private sponsors.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “Jurisdictional Forest Carbon Project Support” – Terra Carbon – Awarded: $25,114.

Samantha Francois (PSYCH) – “Center for Youth Equity (CYE) at Tulane University: A Community-Centered Approach to Youth Violence Prevention” – Awarded: $9,890.

Aghil Alaee Khangha (MATH) – “LEAP-MPS: Two Conjectures in Mathematical Relativity” – NSF – Awarded: $116,983.

Brienne Smith (ATHL) – “Tara Van Derveer Fund for the Advancement of Women in Coaching” – Women’s Sports Foundation – Awarded: $17,500.

Don Spratt (CHEM) – “Workforce Development Capital Grant Program” – Massachusetts Life Sciences Center – Awarded: $750,000.

Lewis Tseng (CS) – “CAREER: Towards Fault-tolerant Edge Computing for Cyber-Physical Systems: Distributed Primitives for Coordination under Cyber Attacks” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $313,190.

Hamed Alemohammad (Center for Geospatial Analytics) – “Evaluating Performance of a Foundation Model for Optical Earth Observation on Downstream Tasks” – NASA IMPACT – Awarded: $150,360.

Edward Carr (GPMI) – “USAID/Climate Adaptation Support Activity (CAS) – Planning Phase Initial Bid” USAID – Awarded: $15,526.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund, Blackstone Watershed Collaborative” – Center for Large Landscape Conservation – Awarded: $25,000.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Blackstone Watershed Collaborative” – Roger Williams University/NBEP – Awarded: $100,000.

Christopher Davey (HOLO) – ” Banyamulenge Narratives of Peace and Conflict” – Whiting Foundation – Awarded: $4,865.

Thomas Del Prete (Adam) – “Adam Institute Main South Teacher Residency and Diversity Program” – MA Service Alliance (AmeriCorps Program) – Awarded: $686,807.

Timothy Downs (GPMI) – “Co-creating Research and Education Capacities to Understand, Visualize and Mitigate Climate-Change Impact Cascades and Inequities in Central Mexico” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $1,499,365.

Ron Eastman (Clark Labs) – “IDRISI-Coastal Zone Mapping Phase 5” – Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – Awarded: $1,669,779.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “NASA Servir 2” – NASA – Awarded: $40,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “High Resolution Crop Analysis” – Cloud to Street – Awarded: $30,000.

Abby Frazier (GPMI) – “Drought Early Warning and Response in Hawaii – Expanding and enhancing stakeholder-driven drought products and services” – NOAA NIDIS – Awarded: $23,214.

Abby Frazier (GPMI) – “Pacific RISA: Building International Adaptation and Resilience to Changing Climate in the Pacific Islands” – NOAA – Awarded: $36,700.

Karen Frey (GPMI) – “RAPID: Impacts of Increased Light Transmittance on Ocean Heating, Primary Productivity, and Carbon Cycling Across a Pacific Artic Continental Self Gradient” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $51,652.

Wayne Gray (ECON) – “Contribution of State Consultations to Preventing Fatalities in Construction” – The Center for Construction Research and Training” – Awarded: $27,320.

Chandra Jack (BIOL) – ” BRC-BIO: Familiarity with friends: Transgenerational effects as a mechanism for partner choice in the legume-rhizobia mutualism” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $452,947.

Robert Johnston (GPMI) – “Coupled Prediction of Residential Fertilizer Use and Nitrogen Loads to Long Island Sound: An Integrated Targeting Tool for Nitrogen-Reduction Behavior Change Campaigns” – EPA – Awarded: $405,630.

Dominik Kulakowski (GEO) – “Resilience of primeval old-growth forests to global environmental change” – Whiting Foundation – Award: $6,085.

Sarah Michaels (EDUC) – “Accelerating Science: Open Access Professional Learning with the Next Generation Science Exemplar Program” – MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education – Awarded: $140,700.

Robert Gilmore Pontius (GPMI) – “LTER: Plum Island Ecosystems, the impact of changing landscapes and climate on interconnected coastal ecosystems” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $336,128.

Robert Gilmore Pontius (GPMI) “Climate change adaptation and irrigation in the northeastern Cerrado hotspot of land change in Brazil” – NASA – Awarded: $749,669.

Margaret Post (GPMI) – “JPB/CC Evaluation Projects” – Innovation Network/JPB Foundation – Awarded: $38.500.

Margaret Post (GPMI/IDCE) – “Center Organizers in Power Building Evaluation for California Health Equity” – Grassroots Solutions – Awarded: $60,000.

Mary Jane Rein (HOLO) – “Holocaust Studies Doctoral Education Program” – Claims Conference  – Awarded: $50,000.

Mary Jane Rein (HOLO) – “Rabbi Israel Miller Fund for Shoah Research” – Claims Conference – Awarded: $25,000.

John Rogan (GPMI) – “Landscape Scale Restoration: Planting Resilient Riparian Forests for Water Supply and Public Health in Under-Served Rhode Island Communities” – Groundwork Rhode Island – Awarded: $69,993.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) – “Equity from the Start” – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Awarded: $20,000.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) – “2023 Worcester LARP” – Commonwealth of Mass EOPSS – Awarded: $64,385.

Florencia Sangermano (GPMI) – “Collaborative Research: BoCP-Design US-Sao Paulo: Land use change, ecosystem resilience and zoonotic spillover risk” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $236,162.

Florencia Sangermano (GEO) – “How to Navigate and Chart a Course Forward for Women Graduate Students in GI Science” – Carolyn Merry Mini Grant UCGIS-TRELIS – Awarded: $3,000.

Chris Williams (GPMI/Geo) – “Avoided deforestation as a Climate Opportunity in the United States” – The Nature Conservancy – Awarded: $94,796.

Chris Williams (GPMI) – “NFCMS Update and Carbon Assessment for Forest Conservation Planning and Action” – Open Space Institute Land Trust, Inc. – Awarded: $132,646.

Karen Frey (Geography). Edna Bailey Sussman Fund Awards 2021 granted to 12 graduate students. Edna Bailey Sussman Fund. Award: $82,550.

Vasilia Vasiliou (SOM).  Career Advancement and Culture Change in Biomedical Research: Group Peer Mentoring Outcomes and Mechanisms. National Institute of Health. Award: $92,682.

Jack Delehanty (Sociology).  Beyond Christian Nationalism: Public Religious Repertoires in the United States. University of Mass, Boston. Award: $8,653.

Amy Heberle (Psychology). A Mixed Methods Pilot Study of Multi-Modal Intervention to Support Anti-Racist Parenting Amount White Parents. Society for Research in Child Development. Award: $7,450.

Brienne Smith (Athletics). Tara VanDerveer Fund for the Advancement of Women in Coaching. Women’s Sports Foundation. Award: $17,500.

John Rogan and Guy Hydrick (Geography). Successes and Challenges of Rebuilding Community Forests: Tree Survivorship and Institutional Form in the Armenia Tree Project. The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund. Award: $67,950.

Thomas Kuehne and Lauren Bradford (Holocaust Studies). Liebmann Fund. The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund. Award: $67,950.

Robert Johnston and Stefanie Covino (GPMI). Blackstone Watershed Program Manager. New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. Award: $95,000.

Elizabeth Imber (History). The New York State Working Group on Jewish Women and Gender in Global Perspective. American Academy for Jewish Research. Award: $1,800.

John Rogan (Geography). Revitalizing the Hadwen Arboretum, Columbus Park Neighborhood. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Award: $6,010.

Karen Frey and Clare Gaffey (Geography). The Changing Arctic. United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Award: $3,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). Gates Foundation Grand Challenges 2019 Annual Meeting Call to Action (CtA). Farmerline. Award: $92,630.

Rosalie Torres Stone (Sociology). Trusted Messengers: Supporting Physicians in promoting COVID-19 Vaccination. Award: $26,252.

Alexander Petroff (Physics). CAREER: Experimental Investigation of Morphogenesis and Locomotion of Multicellular Magnetotactic Bacteria. Award: $601,423.

Abby Frazier (GPMI). NOAA-National Weather Service. Routine Monitoring of Climate in the State of Hawai’i: Establishment of State Climate Divisions. Award: $92,271.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE).  USDA. Seeding Food Resilience through Anchor Institutions. Award: $47,479.

Margaret Post (GPMI). Robert Woods Johnston Foundation. Center for Evaluation Innovation. Evaluating the Base Building and Birth Justice Components of the Robert Wood Foundation Community Power Initiative. Award: $240,000.

Yuko Aoyama (DOGR). Japan Foundation. Salary Assistance Grant for Japanese Language Courses. Award: $60,223.

Dana Bauer (GPMI). National Science Foundation. DISES: Conservation incentives and the socio-spatial dynamics of water sustainability. Award: $363,772.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI).  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Advancing Green Infrastructure in the Blackstone Watershed: Identifying Municipal Priorities, Workshopping Solutions & Mapping Implementation. Award: $24,946.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Technical Assistance Network for the Southeast New England Program. Award: $15,000.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany, Inc. Doctoral Fellowships in Holocaust History. Award: $60,000.

John Magee (Hiatt). Hoche-Schofield Foundation. Project CODY. Award: $5,000.

Abby Frazier (GPMI). United States Geological Survey. Translating existing model results to aid in resource management planning for future precipitation extremes in Hawaii and Southeast Alaska. Award: $12,563.

Arundhati Nag (Chem). National Science Foundation. NSF LEAPS-MPS: Macrocyclic peptidomimetic scaffolds for sensing of phosphate-containing metabolites. Award: $249,923.

Donald Spratt (Chem). National Institute of Health. Structure and Mechanism of HERC5-dependent ISGylation.  Award: $450,900.

Laurie Ross (GPMI). Commonwealth of MA – EOPSS. LARP 2022 Shannon Community Safety Initiative-Local Area Research Partner. Award: $64,384.

Karen Frey (Geography). Northeastern University. Remote sensing of river carbon fluxes to the ocean.  Award: $73,510.

Betsy Huang (DOCL). Davis UWC Scholars Program. Pintag Amaru: Reconnecting Youth with Indigenous Stories through Arts-based Pedagogies. Award: $10,000.

Karen Frey (Geography). National Science Foundation. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Resolving Novel Arctic Late Season Phytoplankton Blooms. Award: $60,120.

Kristina Wilson (VAPA). Terra Foundation for American Art. Race in the History of Design: Objects, Identity, Methodologies. Award: $14,904.

Karen Frey (GPMI). NASA. Remote Sensing of River Carbon Fluxes to the Ocean. Award: $73,510.

Chandra Jack (BIOL). National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Linking functional and taxonomic diversity of diazotrophs under contrasting management regimes for enhanced crop productivity. Award: $420,535.

Julio M D’Arcy (CHEM). National Science Foundation.  CAREER: Manufacturing Semiconducting Nanoparticles at the Aerosol/Vapor-Phase Interface. Award: $500,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI).  Lacuna Fund.  A region-wide, multi-year set of crop field boundary labels for Sub-Saharan Africa. Award: $36,230.

Nathan Ahlgren (Biology). Characterization of Synechococcus-phage intreactions across phylogenetic and temporal scales. National Science Foundation. Award: $724,781.

Anthony Bebbington and James McCarthy (Geography). Mexico’s Contested Renewable Energy Justice Imaginaries.  Society of Woman Geographers.  Award: $12,000.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). Rebuilding the affordable housing ecosystem after natural disasters in Puerto Rico.  Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Award: $223,984.

Richard Cheney (SBDC). Small Business Development Center. Small Business Administration. Award: $485,000.

Richard Cheney (SBDC). Small Business Development Center.  Small Business Administration. Award: $25,000.

Lyndon Estes and Lei Song (GPMI/Geo). Spatially-explicit simulation of animal movement for reconciling agriculture and wildlife conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Award: $135,000.

Karen Frey and Clare Gaffey (Geography). UAVs as a bridge for monitoring Artic production. United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Award: $5,000.

Sergio Granados-Focil (Chemistry). Sorbent-polymer composites for passive and reusable thermal battery systems. Award: $48,895.

David Hibbett (Biography). Liberty Biosecurity LLC Contract. Liberty BIO. Award: $5,645.

Robert Johnston (GPMI). Valuing Spatially Explicit Aquatic Improvements from Agricultural Conservation: An Integrated Biophysical and Meta-Analytic Approach.   Award: $499,973.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Folding, crumpling and entangling of sheets of filaments. National Science Foundation.  Award: $487,800.

John Labrie (Provost). Presidential grants for alternate academic delivery.  Davis Foundation.  Award: $25,000.

Arundhati Nag (Chemistry). Development of Novel Proximity Catalyzed Chemical Epitope Targeting Technology for Isolating Macrocyclic Peptide inhibitor of Kras (G12V) – Sos interaction.  National Institutes of Health.  Award: $450,862.

Nicole Overstreet and Nida Jamshed (Psychology). STUDENT: Understanding Factors that influence Women’s Decisions to Address Violence Against Women in Pakistan.  Award: $1,500.

Margaret Post (GPMI/IDCE). JPB/CC Evaluation Projects. Innovation Network.  Award: $62,500.

John Rogan and Guy Hydrick (Geography). STUDENT: Successes and challenges of rebuilding community forests: Tree survivorship and institutional form in the Armenian Tree Project.  Award: $18,000.

Brienne Smith and Sydney Kahan (Athletics). Tara VanDerveer Fund. Woman’s Sports Foundation.  Award: $17,500.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Biophysical Analysis of Homeodomain Transcription Factors. Abbvie Bioresearch Center, Inc.  Award: $9,000.

James Cordova and Lei Song(Psychology). STUDENT: “Honey, we’re doing our thing again!”. The influence of relationship pattern labeling on intimacy and relationship satisfaction in couples’ relationships. Psi Chi. Award: $1,429.

Mary Jane Rein and Emil Kjerte (Holocaust Studies). “Ustasta Killing”. Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. Award: $4,000.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). “Rebuilding the Affordable Housing Ecosystem after Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico”. Kauffman Foundation. Award: $223,984.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). “Writing and Rewriting the History of Kovno Ghetto”. Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. Award: $4,000.

Laurie Ross (Marsh Institute). “LARP 2021 -Shannon Community Safety Initiative-Local Area Research”. Commonwealth of MA-EOPSS. Award: $59,991.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). “Cohen-Lasry House Renovation”. The Margulf Foundation. Award: $75,000.

Betsy Huang (Dean of the College). “Amplifying Voices”. Davis Project for Peace. Award: $10,000.

Betsy Huang (Dean of the College). “Weaving Dreams”. Davis UWC Scholars Program. Award: $10,000.

Christopher Williams (GPMI). “Decision Support Tools for Global Assessment of Albedo Impacts on NCS from Reforestation and Avoided Deforestation”. The Nature Conservancy.  Award: $377,595.

Amy Heberle (Psychology). “Measurement of Parent and Teacher Critical Consciousness”. Spencer Foundation. Award: $49,627.

Asha Best (GPMI). “Methodologies for Just Urban Futures: Using Geospatial Tools to Address Police Violence” Urban Studies Foundation. Award: $32,633.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). “Translational Tools for Schools and Parents”. Spencer Foundation. Award: $10,920.

Laurie Ross (GPMI). “Gun Violence Prevention Initiative-Outreach/Case Management Services”. Worcester Youth Center. Award: $15,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). “Enabling Crop Analytics at Scale”.  Farmerline Limited. Award: $87,000.

Charles Agosta (Physics). Charge modulation in unconventional superconductors, National Science Foundation. Award: $670,234

Denise Bebbington (GPMI/IDCE). Background research in support of NYDF assessment report 2020, Climate Focus. Award: $13,586

Dana Bauer (GPMI). Informing Conservation Program Targeting for Cost-Effective Integrated Pollinator-Pest Management, USDA NIFA. Award: $357,127

Katerine Bielaczyc (Hiatt Center). CSCL 2019: A wide lens, National Science Foundation. Award: $25,000

Robert Boatright (Political Science). American Corruption Talk, Charles Koch Foundation. Award: $25,000

Michael Boyer (Physics). The nanoscale effects of intrinsic and externally-applied strain on charge density wave states. National Science Foundation. Award: $427,074

Stefano Crema and Ronald Eastman (Clark Labs). Global Landcover Change Forecast – 2050, ESRI. Award: $1,680,000

Thomas Del Prete (Education). Adam Achievers College Success Program, Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Award: $7,500

Robert Drewell (Biology). Investigating the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation at Drosophila Homeotic genes, National Institutes of Health. Award: $450,900

Lyndon Estes (Geography). CNH2-L: Linkages and interactions between urban food security and rural agricultural systems, National Science Foundation. Award: $182,796

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). SERVIR: Unclocking the power of active remote sensing for ecosystem services modeling in the Amazon’s forest-agriculture interface, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Award: $51,000

Lyndon Estes (Geography). Omidyar Network 2 – Mapping Africa, Omidyar Network. Award: $250,000

Karen Frey (Geography). Collaborative Research: The Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO): A Change Detection Array in the Pacific Arctic Region, 2019-2024, NSF Office of Polar Programs. Award: $643,234

Elisabeth Gilmore (IDCE). Collaborative Research: Workshop: Engaging students in science international decision making, National Science Foundation. Award: $28,159

Abbie Goldberg and Melissa Manley (Psychology). A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Sexual Minority Parents Experiences with Consensual Non-Monogamy, American Psychological Foundation. Award: $10,000

Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith (Chemistry). REU: An Integrated Study of Ion Dynamics and Population Distribution to Understand the Molecular Underpinnings of Charge Transport Through Self-Assembled Solid Polymer Electrolytes, National Science Foundation. Award: $10,400

Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith (Chemistry). REU: Collaborative Research: Adaptive building enclosure systems using cellular solid-solid phase change materials with variable transparency, National Science Foundation. Award: $16,000

Robert Johnston and Dana Bauer (GPMI). Advancing Southern New England Shellfish Aquaculture through an Engaged Public and Next Generation Tools, NOAA National Sea Grant. Award: $174,999

Robert Johnston (GPMI). Benefits and costs of non-market value methods for environmental management, Australian Research Council. Award: $32,903

Robert Johnston (GPMI). The economics of marine plastic pollution: What are the benefits of international cooperation? ESRC (UK). Award: $279,653

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Predicting Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Impact with Multiscale Contact and Transmission Mitigation, National Science Foundation. Award: $200,000

Dominik Kulakowski (Geography). Feedback among climatically driven disturbance regimes, Society of Woman Geographers. Award: $4,000

John Labrie (Academic Advising). Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Based Strategies, Tech Quest Apprenticeship Consortium, U.S. Department of Labor. Award: $11,999,770

John Magee (Math and Computer Science). REU Supplement: Award: IIS-1551590 INT: Collaborative Research: Detecting, Predicting and Remediating Student Affect and Grit Using Computer Vision, National Science Foundation. Award: $31,760

Ana Marcelo and Amanda Feherty (Psychology). Uncovering Cultural Roots: Grounding the Parent-Emerging Adult Child Relationship, Psi Chi. Award: $1,480

James McCarthy (Geography). Afro-Indigeneity and Protected Area Management in Jamaica, National Science Foundation. Award: $15,631

Alexander Petroff (Physics). Experimental investigation of oxygen dynamics in natural sediment, The American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. Award: $110,000

Margaret Post (IDCE/Marsh). Evaluation Projects, Innovation Network. Award: $83,900

Teresa Quinn (SOM). U-reka! Big Idea Challenge Seed Funding and Prizes, Santander Bank. Award: $25,000

Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies). Doctoral Student Support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany. Award: $80,000

John Rogan and Deborah Martin (GEOG). Tree Planting for Cooler Summers and Cleaner Air in Partnership with a Community Hospital, Outpatient Center and Land Trusts to Improve Health conditions for High Risk Populations in Two Small Low Income Cities, Opacum Land Trust (for USDA). Award: $12,424

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health, The Community Builders. Award: $146,550

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Trauma and housing stability, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation. Award: $36,000

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Worcester Beyond Healthcare 2, The Community Builders. Award: $6,550

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). 2020 Worcester LARP, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Award: $59,999

Ravi Sharma (Philosophy). War, Empire, Innovation, and Persuasion in Ancient Greece: Exploring Archaic and Classical Culture through its Material Remains, Whiting Foundation. Award: $6,419

Donald Spratt (Biochemistry). ClarkU Biochemistry Outreach in Worcester, MA, The Protein Society. Award: $500

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Structure & Mechanics of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligase HERC2, AbbVie. Award: $9,064

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Worcester Technical HS Summer Internship (Biotechnology), Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Award: $2,880

Andrew Stewart (Psychology). A Threatening Marriage: Intergroup Bias against Zainichi Koreans among the Japanese, Psi Chi. Award: $1,500

Christopher Williams (Geography), Avoided deforestation opportunity for natural climate solutions across the northeastern US, US Climate Alliance/TNC. Award: $106,754

Christopher Williams (GPMI), Forest Carbon vulnerability and storage assessments meeting stakeholder needs with a prototype US forest carbon monitoring system, TNC. Award: $81,520

Christopher Williams (Geography). Assessing forest clearing rates near pellet mills I southeastern US forestlands, Duke Foundation. Award: $40,714

Nathan Ahlgren (Biology). Next generation informatics to elucidate viral ecology and ecosystem impacts in nature, National Science Foundation

Katerine Bielaczyc (Education/Hiatt Center). CSCL 2019: A Wide Lens

Sarah Buie (IDCE). Council on the Uncertain Human Future, Henry J. Kaiser Foundation

Edward Carr (IDCE/Marsh Institute). Belmont Forum Collaborative Research: Migration, transformation and sustainability, National Science Foundation.

Edward Carr (IDCE/Marsh Institute). Deltaic environments, vulnerability and climate change: The role of migration as an adaptation and its policy implications (DECCMA), IDRC (Canada).

Cynthia Caron (Geography/Marsh Institute). Preparation of land sector policy papers, Global Land Alliance

Patricia Cronin (Athletics). NCAA Division III Ethnic Minority & Women’s Internship Grant

Tovah Day (Biology). The Role of PARP3 in Telomere Regulation, National Institutes of Health.

Ron Eastman (Clark Labs). Mapping Coastal Aquaculture – Phase 3, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Alena Esposito (Psychology). Understanding the mechanisms supporting knowledge integration in traditional and dual-language classrooms, Institute of Educational Sciences

Lyndon Estes (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Hazards SEES: Understanding cross-scale interactions of trade and food policy to improve resilience to drought risk in Zambia, National Science Foundation.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute), WSC Category 2 Collaborative: Impacts of Agricultural Decision Making and Adaptive Management on Food Security in Africa,” National Science Foundation, with University of California at Santa Barbara.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). The Transition to Puberty Among Adopted Children in Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Parent Families, The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Navigating the transition to puberty: Lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adoptive parents’ experiences, Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (FSSS).

David Hibbett (Biology). Gene regulatory networks enabling fungi to selectively extract sugars from lignocellulose, US Dept of Energy.

Esther Jones (Dean of Faculty). Culture of faculty thriving initiative, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Intruder Dynamics in Fluid Saturated Granular Medium, National Science Foundation.

Matt Malsky (Dean of the College). Consent Across Borders, Davis United World College Scholars Program

Sarah Michaels (Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education). Next Generation Science Exemplar, NGSX.

Sarah Michaels (Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education). Translating words and worlds: Poetry inside out for ESL teachers and their bilingual student, Mass Humanities.

Tom Del Prete (Adam Institute/Education). Adam Achievers Program, Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center). Colin Flug Wing Landscaping, Nathaniel Wheeler Trust.

Mary Jane Rein and Thomas Kuehne (Strassler Center). Doctoral student support, Conference on Material Claims against Germany

John Rogan and Deborah Martin (Geography). Greening the Gateway Cities Project, Massachusetts EEA/DCR.

John Rogan and Florencia Sangermano (Geography/Marsh Institute). Regional Urban Forestry Education and Advocacy Institute, Oxfam America.

John Rogan and Florencia Sangermano (Geography/Marsh Institute). East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline, Oxfam America.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Shannon CSI Statewide Youth Violence Research Partner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety, Shannon Fund.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/GPMI). Worcester Local Area Research Partner (2019), Shannon CSI, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Andrew Stewart (Psychology). The Alliance Rape Prevention Education Supplemental Evaluation Project, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, via the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligase HACE 1, AbbVie.

Rosalie Torres Stone (Sociology). Community and Health: Nonprofit Grant Making, Highland Street Foundation.

Jeffrey Arnett (Psychology) and Achu Johnson Alexander. How Do Parents Matter During Precarious Times? Parental Involvement, Work-goal Engagement, and Psychological Outcomes of College Seniors in India and the United States, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Michelle Bata (LEEP Center). LEEP Projects, Hoche-Scofield Foundation.

Anthony Bebbington (Geography) and Catherine Jampel. Disability, Inclusion and Sociospatial Transformation in U.S. Workplaces, NSF.

Denise Bebbington (IDCE/George Perkins Marsh Institute) and Anthony Bebbington (Geography). Assessment and Scoping of Infrastructure and Extractive Industries in Relation to Deforestation, Climate and Land Use Alliance.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). Working Cities Challenge-Worcester, Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.

Sarah Buie (Higgins School of Humanities). Council on the Uncertain Human Future, The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation.

Sarah Buie (V&PA/IDCE). Council on the Uncertain Human Future, Reynolds Foundation.

Sarah Buie (V&PA/IDCE) and Ellen Foley (IDCE). A New Earth Community, Reynolds Foundation.

Paula Camara and Richard Cheney (Small Business Development Center). Central Mass Regional Small Business Development Center, U.S. Small Business Administration.

Stefano Crema (Clark Labs). Land Cover Protection, The Nature Conservancy.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Impacts of Agricultural Decision Daking and Adaptive Management on Food Security in Africa, NSF.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute) and Ron Eastman (Geography). Developing and scaling up the mapping Africa active learning platform, Omidyar Network Fund Inc.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Integrating crowdsourcing, in situ sensing, and space borne observation to understand the sustainability of smallholder agriculture in African wet savannas, NASA.

Karen Frey (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute). The distributed biological observatory: A change detection array in the Pacific Arctic region, NSF.

John Gibbons (Biology). The Aspergillus fumigatus Genetic Variant and Isolate Repository (FumigatusGVIR): A Community Resource to Facilitate Association Mapping of Pathogenicity-associated Traits, NIH.

Sergio Granados-Focil (Chemistry). Development of New Materials for Ion-selective Electrodes, Abbvie Bioresearch Center, Inc.

Wayne Gray (Economics). Assessing Public Policy Intervention Impacts on Construction Fatality Rates, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

David Hibbett (Biology). OPUS: Mushrooms in the Tree of Life, NSF.

Thomas Kuehne and Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center). Doctoral Student Support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

Noel Lazo (Chemistry). Determinants of the Proteolytic Degradation of Soluble Amyloid-beta, NIH National Institute on Aging.

Matt Malsky (Dean of the College). Problems of Practice Courses in the Social Sciences, Davis Educational Foundation.

Matt Malsky (Dean of the College) and Trang Nguyen. Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project, Davis Projects for Peace.

Deborah Martin (Geography) and Son Ca Lam. Shifting Grounds: Changes in the Meaning of Home for Vietnamese Refugee Women Across Generations, The Society of Women Geographers Evelyn L. Pruitt National Fellowship for Dissertation Research.

Deborah Martin (Geography) and Brittany Wheeler. Climate-induced Migration to the United States, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

James McCarthy (Geography) and Dylan Harris. Telling the Story of Climate Change: Cultural Politics and Climate Consciousness, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Neva Meyer (Biology). Evolution of Neural Induction and Dorsal-ventral Axis Specification: BMP Network Involvement in Annelids, NSF.

Sarah Michaels (Education). Learning While Teaching, Carnegie Foundation.

Sarah Michaels (Education). Vermont Science Initiative – Partnership to Build NGSS Capacity in Vermont, Vermont Department of Education.

James Murphy (Geography/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Generative Urbanization in Emerging Africa? The Case of Konza Techno City, Regional Studies Association Membership Grant.

Gil Pontius (Geography) and Sam Khallaghi. Mapping Marsh Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems, Edna Bailey Sussman Fund.

Margaret Post (Mosakowski). JPB /CCC Evaluation Projects, Innovation Network.

John Rogan (Geography) and Marc Healy. Young Urban Forest Temperature Effects on Gateway Cities in Massachusetts, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

John Rogan (Geography) and Nicholas Geron. Urban Tree Planting Program for a Changing Climate, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

John Rogan (Geography) and Connor Stephens. Does Land Ownership Influence Post-Wildfire Forest Recovery?, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Shannon CSI Statewide Youth Violence Research Partner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety, Shannon Fund.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/George Perkins Marsh Institute). Worcester Local Area Research Partner, Shannon CSI, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry and Biochemistry). Structure and Mechanism of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligases, NIH.

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Junfu Zhang (GPMI). Land Conversion and Misallocation Across Cities in China, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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