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Clark faculty’s research is supported by numerous funding agencies and organizations, both public and private. The University’s Office of Sponsored Programs and Research manages a database of all proposals and contracts submitted, pending, declined and awarded.  Awards for research grants, contracts, creative projects and other programs are listed below by fiscal year.


Robert Boatright (PolSci) – “Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws South Africa” – Marion & Jasper Whiting Foundation – Awarded: $5,110.

Ed Carr (GPMI) – “USAID/Climate Adaptation Support Activity (CASA) – Planning Phase Initial Bid” – USAID-Tetra Tech – Awarded: $318,036.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Collaboratively Restoring the Hardest Working River in America” – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Awarded: $100,000.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP)Capacity Grant” – EPA – Awarded: $100,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “Jurisdictional Forest Carbon Project Support” – Terra Carbon – Awarded: $25,114.

Samantha Francois (PSYCH) – “Center for Youth Equity (CYE) at Tulane University: A Community-Centered Approach to Youth Violence Prevention” – Awarded: $9,890.

Samantha Francois (PSYCH) – ” We are worthy of being heard and included”: Engagement of youth voice in the evaluation of trauma-informed schools”.  – Spencer Foundation – Awarded $37,687.

David Hibbett (BIO) – “How the mushroom lost its gills: phylogenomics and population genetics of a morphological innovation in the fungal genus Lentinus” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $683,512.

David Jordan (SOM) – “Small Business Technical Assistance – Student Interns providing Technical Assistant to Small Business in Main South area” – US Treasury – ARPA – Awarded: $65,507.

Aghil Alaee Khangha (MATH) – “LEAP-MPS: Two Conjectures in Mathematical Relativity” – NSF – Awarded: $116,983.

Dominik Kulakowksi (GPMI) – “How do bark beetle outbreaks, tree regeneration and climate determine fuel treatment longevity? – Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) – Awarded: $490,567.

John Labrie (SPS) – “Building Pathways to Infrastructure (Tech Build)” – Department of Labor – Awarded: $5,000,000.

Lex Lu (HIST) – “Fertility & Fatherhood China” – Marion & Jasper Whiting Foundation – Awarded: $6,461.

Olufemi Odegbile – (COS) – “Streaming Algorithms” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $174,671.

Deborah Martin (GEO) – “Place-Making Practices and Imaginaries: Exploring Meanings of Place in Policy and Planning in Aberdeen, Scotland” – Marion & Jasper Whiting Foundation – Awarded: $9,487.

John Rogan (GPMI) “Assessing the Survivorship, Condition and Growth of Trees Planted 2010-2014 in Worcester, MA” – Commonwealth of Mass DCR – Awarded $49,748.

John Rogan (GPMI) “Changes in coastal vegetation due to shrimp farming” – Ecuador Camara Nacional de Acuacultura – Awarded: $49,938.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) “Safe and Successful Youth Initiative” – City of Worcester -Dept of Health and Human Services – Awarded: $27,201.

Laurie Ross (SOC) – “Healthcare for the Homeless Community Assessment” – Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc. – Awarded: $11,742.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) – “2024 Worcester LARP” – Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Awarded: $66,808.

Brienne Smith (ATHL) – “Tara Van Derveer Fund for the Advancement of Women in Coaching” – Women’s Sports Foundation – Awarded: $17,500.

Don Spratt (CHEM) – “Workforce Development Capital Grant Program” – Massachusetts Life Sciences Center – Awarded: $750,000.

Javier Tabima Restrepo (BIO) – “Conference Society Prioritizes Our Recruitment of Every Scholar (SPORES): A mentoring program with the goal of diversifying, advancing and promoting future mycologists” – National Science Foundation – Award: $46,553.

Shelley Tenenbaum (SOCI) – “Community Empowerment and Reinvestment Program” – Commonwealth of MA-EOED – Awarded: $200,000.

Lewis Tseng (CS) – “CAREER: Towards Fault-tolerant Edge Computing for Cyber-Physical Systems: Distributed Primitives for Coordination under Cyber Attacks” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $313,190.

Nadia Ward (MI) – “Clark-Southbridge Partnership Project – Southbridge CARES” – Health Foundation of Central Mass. – Awarded: $249,994.

Hamed Alemohammad (Center for Geospatial Analytics) – “Evaluating Performance of a Foundation Model for Optical Earth Observation on Downstream Tasks” – NASA IMPACT – Awarded: $150,360.

Edward Carr (GPMI) – “USAID/Climate Adaptation Support Activity (CAS) – Planning Phase Initial Bid” USAID – Awarded: $15,526.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund, Blackstone Watershed Collaborative” – Center for Large Landscape Conservation – Awarded: $25,000.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI) – “Blackstone Watershed Collaborative” – Roger Williams University/NBEP – Awarded: $100,000.

Thomas Del Prete (Adam) – “Adam Institute Main South Teacher Residency and Diversity Program” – MA Service Alliance (AmeriCorps Program) – Awarded: $686,807.

Timothy Downs (GPMI) – “Co-creating Research and Education Capacities to Understand, Visualize and Mitigate Climate-Change Impact Cascades and Inequities in Central Mexico” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $1,499,365.

Ron Eastman (Clark Labs) – “IDRISI-Coastal Zone Mapping Phase 5” – Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – Awarded: $1,669,779.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “NASA Servir 2” – NASA – Awarded: $40,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI) – “High Resolution Crop Analysis” – Cloud to Street – Awarded: $30,000.

Abby Frazier (GPMI) – “Drought Early Warning and Response in Hawaii – Expanding and enhancing stakeholder-driven drought products and services” – NOAA NIDIS – Awarded: $23,214.

Karen Frey (GPMI) – “RAPID: Impacts of Increased Light Transmittance on Ocean Heating, Primary Productivity, and Carbon Cycling Across a Pacific Artic Continental Self Gradient” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $51,652.

Chandra Jack (BIOL) – ” BRC-BIO: Familiarity with friends: Transgenerational effects as a mechanism for partner choice in the legume-rhizobia mutualism” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $452,947.

Sarah Michaels (EDUC) – “Accelerating Science: Open Access Professional Learning with the Next Generation Science Exemplar Program” – MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education – Awarded: $140,700.

Robert Gilmore Pontius (GPMI) – “LTER: Plum Island Ecosystems, the impact of changing landscapes and climate on interconnected coastal ecosystems” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $336,128.

Robert Gilmore Pontius (GPMI) “Climate change adaptation and irrigation in the northeastern Cerrado hotspot of land change in Brazil” – NASA – Awarded: $749,669.

Margaret Post (GPMI) – “JPB/CC Evaluation Projects” – Innovation Network/JPB Foundation – Awarded: $38.500.

Margaret Post (GPMI/IDCE) – “Center Organizers in Power Building Evaluation for California Health Equity” – Grassroots Solutions – Awarded: $60,000.

Mary Jane Rein (HOLO) – “Holocaust Studies Doctoral Education Program” – Claims Conference  – Awarded: $50,000.

Mary Jane Rein (HOLO) – “Rabbi Israel Miller Fund for Shoah Research” – Claims Conference – Awarded: $25,000.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) – “Equity from the Start” – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Awarded: $20,000.

Laurie Ross (GPMI) – “2023 Worcester LARP” – Commonwealth of Mass EOPSS – Awarded: $64,385.

Florencia Sangermano (GPMI) – “Collaborative Research: BoCP-Design US-Sao Paulo: Land use change, ecosystem resilience and zoonotic spillover risk” – National Science Foundation – Awarded: $236,162.

Florencia Sangermano (GEO) – “How to Navigate and Chart a Course Forward for Women Graduate Students in GI Science” – Carolyn Merry Mini Grant UCGIS-TRELIS – Awarded: $3,000.

Chris Williams (GPMI/Geo) – “Avoided deforestation as a Climate Opportunity in the United States” – The Nature Conservancy – Awarded: $94,796.

Chris Williams (GPMI) – “NFCMS Update and Carbon Assessment for Forest Conservation Planning and Action” – Open Space Institute Land Trust, Inc. – Awarded: $132,646.

Karen Frey (Geography). Edna Bailey Sussman Fund Awards 2021 granted to 12 graduate students. Edna Bailey Sussman Fund. Award: $82,550.

Vasilia Vasiliou (SOM).  Career Advancement and Culture Change in Biomedical Research: Group Peer Mentoring Outcomes and Mechanisms. National Institute of Health. Award: $92,682.

Jack Delehanty (Sociology).  Beyond Christian Nationalism: Public Religious Repertoires in the United States. University of Mass, Boston. Award: $8,653.

Amy Heberle (Psychology). A Mixed Methods Pilot Study of Multi-Modal Intervention to Support Anti-Racist Parenting Amount White Parents. Society for Research in Child Development. Award: $7,450.

Brienne Smith (Athletics). Tara VanDerveer Fund for the Advancement of Women in Coaching. Women’s Sports Foundation. Award: $17,500.

John Rogan and Guy Hydrick (Geography). Successes and Challenges of Rebuilding Community Forests: Tree Survivorship and Institutional Form in the Armenia Tree Project. The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund. Award: $67,950.

Thomas Kuehne and Lauren Bradford (Holocaust Studies). Liebmann Fund. The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund. Award: $67,950.

Robert Johnston and Stefanie Covino (GPMI). Blackstone Watershed Program Manager. New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. Award: $95,000.

Elizabeth Imber (History). The New York State Working Group on Jewish Women and Gender in Global Perspective. American Academy for Jewish Research. Award: $1,800.

John Rogan (Geography). Revitalizing the Hadwen Arboretum, Columbus Park Neighborhood. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Award: $6,010.

Karen Frey and Clare Gaffey (Geography). The Changing Arctic. United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Award: $3,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). Gates Foundation Grand Challenges 2019 Annual Meeting Call to Action (CtA). Farmerline. Award: $92,630.

Rosalie Torres Stone (Sociology). Trusted Messengers: Supporting Physicians in promoting COVID-19 Vaccination. Award: $26,252.

Alexander Petroff (Physics). CAREER: Experimental Investigation of Morphogenesis and Locomotion of Multicellular Magnetotactic Bacteria. Award: $601,423.

Abby Frazier (GPMI). NOAA-National Weather Service. Routine Monitoring of Climate in the State of Hawai’i: Establishment of State Climate Divisions. Award: $92,271.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE).  USDA. Seeding Food Resilience through Anchor Institutions. Award: $47,479.

Margaret Post (GPMI). Robert Woods Johnston Foundation. Center for Evaluation Innovation. Evaluating the Base Building and Birth Justice Components of the Robert Wood Foundation Community Power Initiative. Award: $240,000.

Yuko Aoyama (DOGR). Japan Foundation. Salary Assistance Grant for Japanese Language Courses. Award: $26,880.

Dana Bauer (GPMI). National Science Foundation. DISES: Conservation incentives and the socio-spatial dynamics of water sustainability. Award: $363,772.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI).  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Advancing Green Infrastructure in the Blackstone Watershed: Identifying Municipal Priorities, Workshopping Solutions & Mapping Implementation. Award: $24,946.

Stefanie Covino (GPMI). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Technical Assistance Network for the Southeast New England Program. Award: $15,000.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany, Inc. Doctoral Fellowships in Holocaust History. Award: $60,000.

John Magee (Hiatt). Hoche-Schofield Foundation. Project CODY. Award: $5,000.

Abby Frazier (GPMI). United States Geological Survey. Translating existing model results to aid in resource management planning for future precipitation extremes in Hawaii and Southeast Alaska. Award: $12,563.

Arundhati Nag (Chem). National Science Foundation. NSF LEAPS-MPS: Macrocyclic peptidomimetic scaffolds for sensing of phosphate-containing metabolites. Award: $249,923.

Donald Spratt (Chem). National Institute of Health. Structure and Mechanism of HERC5-dependent ISGylation.  Award: $450,900.

Laurie Ross (GPMI). Commonwealth of MA – EOPSS. LARP 2022 Shannon Community Safety Initiative-Local Area Research Partner. Award: $64,384.

Karen Frey (Geography). Northeastern University. Remote sensing of river carbon fluxes to the ocean.  Award: $73,510.

Betsy Huang (DOCL). Davis UWC Scholars Program. Pintag Amaru: Reconnecting Youth with Indigenous Stories through Arts-based Pedagogies. Award: $10,000.

Karen Frey (Geography). National Science Foundation. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Resolving Novel Arctic Late Season Phytoplankton Blooms. Award: $60,120.

Kristina Wilson (VAPA). Terra Foundation for American Art. Race in the History of Design: Objects, Identity, Methodologies. Award: $14,904.

Karen Frey (GPMI). NASA. Remote Sensing of River Carbon Fluxes to the Ocean. Award: $73,510.

Chandra Jack (BIOL). National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Linking functional and taxonomic diversity of diazotrophs under contrasting management regimes for enhanced crop productivity. Award: $420,535.

Julio M D’Arcy (CHEM). National Science Foundation.  CAREER: Manufacturing Semiconducting Nanoparticles at the Aerosol/Vapor-Phase Interface. Award: $500,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI).  Lacuna Fund.  A region-wide, multi-year set of crop field boundary labels for Sub-Saharan Africa. Award: $36,230.

Nathan Ahlgren (Biology). Characterization of Synechococcus-phage intreactions across phylogenetic and temporal scales. National Science Foundation. Award: $724,781.

Anthony Bebbington and James McCarthy (Geography). Mexico’s Contested Renewable Energy Justice Imaginaries.  Society of Woman Geographers.  Award: $12,000.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). Rebuilding the affordable housing ecosystem after natural disasters in Puerto Rico.  Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Award: $223,984.

Richard Cheney (SBDC). Small Business Development Center. Small Business Administration. Award: $485,000.

Richard Cheney (SBDC). Small Business Development Center.  Small Business Administration. Award: $25,000.

Lyndon Estes and Lei Song (GPMI/Geo). Spatially-explicit simulation of animal movement for reconciling agriculture and wildlife conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Award: $135,000.

Karen Frey and Clare Gaffey (Geography). UAVs as a bridge for monitoring Artic production. United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Award: $5,000.

Sergio Granados-Focil (Chemistry). Sorbent-polymer composites for passive and reusable thermal battery systems. Award: $48,895.

David Hibbett (Biography). Liberty Biosecurity LLC Contract. Liberty BIO. Award: $5,645.

Robert Johnston (GPMI). Valuing Spatially Explicit Aquatic Improvements from Agricultural Conservation: An Integrated Biophysical and Meta-Analytic Approach.   Award: $499,973.

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Folding, crumpling and entangling of sheets of filaments. National Science Foundation.  Award: $487,800.

John Labrie (Provost). Presidential grants for alternate academic delivery.  Davis Foundation.  Award: $25,000.

Arundhati Nag (Chemistry). Development of Novel Proximity Catalyzed Chemical Epitope Targeting Technology for Isolating Macrocyclic Peptide inhibitor of Kras (G12V) – Sos interaction.  National Institutes of Health.  Award: $450,862.

Nicole Overstreet and Nida Jamshed (Psychology). STUDENT: Understanding Factors that influence Women’s Decisions to Address Violence Against Women in Pakistan.  Award: $1,500.

Margaret Post (GPMI/IDCE). JPB/CC Evaluation Projects. Innovation Network.  Award: $62,500.

John Rogan and Guy Hydrick (Geography). STUDENT: Successes and challenges of rebuilding community forests: Tree survivorship and institutional form in the Armenian Tree Project.  Award: $18,000.

Brienne Smith and Sydney Kahan (Athletics). Tara VanDerveer Fund. Woman’s Sports Foundation.  Award: $17,500.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Biophysical Analysis of Homeodomain Transcription Factors. Abbvie Bioresearch Center, Inc.  Award: $9,000.

James Cordova and Lei Song(Psychology). STUDENT: “Honey, we’re doing our thing again!”. The influence of relationship pattern labeling on intimacy and relationship satisfaction in couples’ relationships. Psi Chi. Award: $1,429.

Mary Jane Rein and Emil Kjerte (Holocaust Studies). “Ustasta Killing”. Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. Award: $4,000.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). “Rebuilding the Affordable Housing Ecosystem after Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico”. Kauffman Foundation. Award: $223,984.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). “Writing and Rewriting the History of Kovno Ghetto”. Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. Award: $4,000.

Laurie Ross (Marsh Institute). “LARP 2021 -Shannon Community Safety Initiative-Local Area Research”. Commonwealth of MA-EOPSS. Award: $59,991.

Mary Jane Rein (Holocaust Studies). “Cohen-Lasry House Renovation”. The Margulf Foundation. Award: $75,000.

Betsy Huang (Dean of the College). “Amplifying Voices”. Davis Project for Peace. Award: $10,000.

Betsy Huang (Dean of the College). “Weaving Dreams”. Davis UWC Scholars Program. Award: $10,000.

Christopher Williams (GPMI). “Decision Support Tools for Global Assessment of Albedo Impacts on NCS from Reforestation and Avoided Deforestation”. The Nature Conservancy.  Award: $377,595.

Amy Heberle (Psychology). “Measurement of Parent and Teacher Critical Consciousness”. Spencer Foundation. Award: $49,627.

Asha Best (GPMI). “Methodologies for Just Urban Futures: Using Geospatial Tools to Address Police Violence” Urban Studies Foundation. Award: $32,633.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). “Translational Tools for Schools and Parents”. Spencer Foundation. Award: $10,920.

Laurie Ross (GPMI). “Gun Violence Prevention Initiative-Outreach/Case Management Services”. Worcester Youth Center. Award: $15,000.

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). “Enabling Crop Analytics at Scale”.  Farmerline Limited. Award: $87,000.

Charles Agosta (Physics). Charge modulation in unconventional superconductors, National Science Foundation. Award: $670,234

Denise Bebbington (GPMI/IDCE). Background research in support of NYDF assessment report 2020, Climate Focus. Award: $13,586

Dana Bauer (GPMI). Informing Conservation Program Targeting for Cost-Effective Integrated Pollinator-Pest Management, USDA NIFA. Award: $357,127

Katerine Bielaczyc (Hiatt Center). CSCL 2019: A wide lens, National Science Foundation. Award: $25,000

Robert Boatright (Political Science). American Corruption Talk, Charles Koch Foundation. Award: $25,000

Michael Boyer (Physics). The nanoscale effects of intrinsic and externally-applied strain on charge density wave states. National Science Foundation. Award: $427,074

Stefano Crema and Ronald Eastman (Clark Labs). Global Landcover Change Forecast – 2050, ESRI. Award: $1,680,000

Thomas Del Prete (Education). Adam Achievers College Success Program, Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Award: $7,500

Robert Drewell (Biology). Investigating the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation at Drosophila Homeotic genes, National Institutes of Health. Award: $450,900

Lyndon Estes (Geography). CNH2-L: Linkages and interactions between urban food security and rural agricultural systems, National Science Foundation. Award: $182,796

Lyndon Estes (GPMI). SERVIR: Unclocking the power of active remote sensing for ecosystem services modeling in the Amazon’s forest-agriculture interface, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Award: $51,000

Lyndon Estes (Geography). Omidyar Network 2 – Mapping Africa, Omidyar Network. Award: $250,000

Karen Frey (Geography). Collaborative Research: The Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO): A Change Detection Array in the Pacific Arctic Region, 2019-2024, NSF Office of Polar Programs. Award: $643,234

Elisabeth Gilmore (IDCE). Collaborative Research: Workshop: Engaging students in science international decision making, National Science Foundation. Award: $28,159

Abbie Goldberg and Melissa Manley (Psychology). A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Sexual Minority Parents Experiences with Consensual Non-Monogamy, American Psychological Foundation. Award: $10,000

Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith (Chemistry). REU: An Integrated Study of Ion Dynamics and Population Distribution to Understand the Molecular Underpinnings of Charge Transport Through Self-Assembled Solid Polymer Electrolytes, National Science Foundation. Award: $10,400

Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith (Chemistry). REU: Collaborative Research: Adaptive building enclosure systems using cellular solid-solid phase change materials with variable transparency, National Science Foundation. Award: $16,000

Robert Johnston and Dana Bauer (GPMI). Advancing Southern New England Shellfish Aquaculture through an Engaged Public and Next Generation Tools, NOAA National Sea Grant. Award: $174,999

Robert Johnston (GPMI). Benefits and costs of non-market value methods for environmental management, Australian Research Council. Award: $32,903

Robert Johnston (GPMI). The economics of marine plastic pollution: What are the benefits of international cooperation? ESRC (UK). Award: $279,653

Arshad Kudrolli (Physics). Predicting Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Impact with Multiscale Contact and Transmission Mitigation, National Science Foundation. Award: $200,000

Dominik Kulakowski (Geography). Feedback among climatically driven disturbance regimes, Society of Woman Geographers. Award: $4,000

John Labrie (Academic Advising). Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Based Strategies, Tech Quest Apprenticeship Consortium, U.S. Department of Labor. Award: $11,999,770

John Magee (Math and Computer Science). REU Supplement: Award: IIS-1551590 INT: Collaborative Research: Detecting, Predicting and Remediating Student Affect and Grit Using Computer Vision, National Science Foundation. Award: $31,760

Ana Marcelo and Amanda Feherty (Psychology). Uncovering Cultural Roots: Grounding the Parent-Emerging Adult Child Relationship, Psi Chi. Award: $1,480

James McCarthy (Geography). Afro-Indigeneity and Protected Area Management in Jamaica, National Science Foundation. Award: $15,631

Alexander Petroff (Physics). Experimental investigation of oxygen dynamics in natural sediment, The American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. Award: $110,000

Margaret Post (IDCE/Marsh). Evaluation Projects, Innovation Network. Award: $83,900

Teresa Quinn (SOM). U-reka! Big Idea Challenge Seed Funding and Prizes, Santander Bank. Award: $25,000

Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies). Doctoral Student Support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany. Award: $80,000

John Rogan and Deborah Martin (GEOG). Tree Planting for Cooler Summers and Cleaner Air in Partnership with a Community Hospital, Outpatient Center and Land Trusts to Improve Health conditions for High Risk Populations in Two Small Low Income Cities, Opacum Land Trust (for USDA). Award: $12,424

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health, The Community Builders. Award: $146,550

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Trauma and housing stability, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation. Award: $36,000

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). Worcester Beyond Healthcare 2, The Community Builders. Award: $6,550

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh). 2020 Worcester LARP, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Award: $59,999

Ravi Sharma (Philosophy). War, Empire, Innovation, and Persuasion in Ancient Greece: Exploring Archaic and Classical Culture through its Material Remains, Whiting Foundation. Award: $6,419

Donald Spratt (Biochemistry). ClarkU Biochemistry Outreach in Worcester, MA, The Protein Society. Award: $500

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Structure & Mechanics of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligase HERC2, AbbVie. Award: $9,064

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Worcester Technical HS Summer Internship (Biotechnology), Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Award: $2,880

Andrew Stewart (Psychology). A Threatening Marriage: Intergroup Bias against Zainichi Koreans among the Japanese, Psi Chi. Award: $1,500

Christopher Williams (Geography), Avoided deforestation opportunity for natural climate solutions across the northeastern US, US Climate Alliance/TNC. Award: $106,754

Christopher Williams (GPMI), Forest Carbon vulnerability and storage assessments meeting stakeholder needs with a prototype US forest carbon monitoring system, TNC. Award: $81,520

Christopher Williams (Geography). Assessing forest clearing rates near pellet mills I southeastern US forestlands, Duke Foundation. Award: $40,714

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